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Aug 25, 2007 10:06 PM

Crunchie: a candy bar from the UK...

My wife discovered a new British candy bar called Crunchie when we were in London a couple weeks ago. I'd love to get her one as a little gift, but I can't seem to find it. I looked at that british store on 2nd street in Santa Monica, but they only had Twirl and Flake bars. Any ideas?

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  1. The Beverly Glen Market up at Beverly Glen Circle just south of Mulholland carries them, as does the Beverly Glen Pharmacy in the same center.

    You might also check the Continental Store on Wilshire west of 20th st.

    Odd that the Tudor House didn't have 'em, as they usually do.

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      Almost forgot... Vicente Foods in Brentwood.

    2. I'm really surprised. You could try around the corner from there at King's Head. Or there is a Sainsburys Deli on Wilshire at the corner of Amherst that sells Brit candy. If you see Violet Crumble I think that's the same thing but it isn't Cadbury's chocolate.

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        Violet Crumble is an Australian Candy confection and is NOT the same as a Crunchie.
        As a French Quebecer in LA i look for chocolate bars of my home, they just happen to be the same as the brits.
        Go to this amazing site for all the chocolate you can handle.

        the shipping is worth it when you consider what they charge you at the local import stores for a single bar!!!!

      2. I know I've gotten one in L.A. but I forget where. Try snobby upscale food stores like Bristol Farms and Gelson's. Famima might have them too.

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          I agree with Emme that the Continental Shop on Wilshire in Santa Monica is a good bet to have them. Sometimes you spot U.K. candy bars in Indian markets.
          I've seen British bars (don't recall the exact ones) in Hurry Curry, that Indian take out place on Venice Blvd.

        2. Try CostPlus World Market - they have tons of English foods and candy bars there, including the Violet Crumble, Flake, and lots of other Cadbury goodies.

          1. It would help to know where you live. A lot of places carry Crunchie bars, but they often pop up at the strangest locations. Not only do they have them at the Continental Shoppe and regularly have them at the Cost Plus World Markets, but I run across them at tiny markets all the time. A recently closed shop at the bottom of the Century City Towers carried them. I also see them at Sri Lankan Delights, a small market in Tarzana (between Vanalden and Wilbur).

            The worst thing about Crunchie bars is the mark-up. No matter where you go, they will always be over $1 each.

            You also may find Violet Crumbles at different stores. I believe they are an Aussie version of a Crunchie bar. They have a similar honeycomb center, but I always found the chocolate the be waxy and not nearly as good as Crunchies.

            Finally, there is always resort to

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              I'm in Venice, so many of the suggestions so far will work for me. Thanks to everybody...

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                make yourself a canadian friend and get them sent to you - by the case!!

                Every corner store her has them.

                Good luck -

                Barbara from Montreal