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Aug 25, 2007 09:09 PM

Rehoboth Beach, DE - Family Restaraunts

Returning to Rehoboth for Labor Day weekend with my 9 month old twins. Looking for restaraunt suggestions. Previously my honey and I ate anywhere we wanted. But realize that this has all changed. Great food is muy importante! Thanks much! Suggestions don't have to be contained to Rehoboth Beach - We can venture into surrounding area. Oh and anywhere to avoid would be great as well.

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  1. Seaside Thai is pretty good and Mariachi's Mexican is also. Both are kid friendly. As you know, most dining in Rehoboth is upscale or lower end like pizza and burgers. I would take nine month twins to Fish On in Lewes and sit outside.

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      We love Fish ON so much! But were afraid that it would not be appropriate. Thanks for the suggestion.

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        Cafe Azafran is also tasty and has outdoor dining or Rosa Negra is a very family oriented fish & pasta place - both are in Lewes. Or you might want to consider Big Fish Grill or Dos Locos in Rehoboth as traffic on Route One will be terrible that weekend due to ongoing highway construction.