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Aug 25, 2007 07:34 PM

Help with Slow Food Rome Recommendations

anyone have any suggestions -- pro or con -- about the following restaurants, all of which are recommended in the 2007 edition of the Slow Food Italy boojk:

Tratorria Cadorna
Tram Tram
Osteria del Velodromo Vecchio
Osteria Dell' Angelo
Ne Arte Ne Parte
Dal Cavalier Gino
Da Armando al Pantheon

Thanks! Any info would be appreciated -- leaving in 4 days.

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  1. The only one I know is Ne Arte Ne Parte. It was new when I last ate there and I thought it was a serviceable Roman trattoria. The food was very traditionally Roman, which is pretty basic. Perhaps they have become more sophisticated since then.

    1. Da Armando is excellent - classic civilized tratt, has been written on here a lot
      We liked Osteria dell'Angelo and its a good stop for lunch if you are going to the Vatican for a fixed price meal - it has relatively plain Roman food and a neighborhood setting - others posting on the site have not cared for it as much.
      Ive wanted to go out to Osteria de Velodromo Vecchio and Tram Tram for a long time - the first is another classic Roman Tratt out past the Lateran (Ive gone past it on the bus - not too far past) but outside of tourist Rome.
      Tram Tram is in San Lorenzo, over behind the station nr the Uni , and offers, I believe food from Puglia .I highly recommend the ancient basilica of San Lorenzo in the same area - the tram that passes the Colliseum goes right past it, an easy trip.

      One problem with Slowfood in Rome is that they have price parameters - they do not list pricy restaurants. So in a high cost area like central rome they may have a harder time identifying appropriate targets.

      Hope you get some more input and that you give some of these a try.

      1. on a trip 3 years ago we went to Osteria del Velodromo and had an excellent meal. It's what I like best about trattoria (or osteria, whatever) dining - informal, intimate, convivial, and excellent, authentic food. can't recall everything we had, but the antipasto of local meats and cheeses was top-notch, there was a great seafood pasta (it was a friday night) and a terrific red wine from Basilicata. definitely recommended.

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          thank you, thank you. I will have to get on the bus for the next visit. Its disappointing to me when people find trattoria dining to be "old-fashioned" - to me it exemplifies something very italian, a non-showoffy professionalism, tasty satisfying food and a warm welcome that appreciates a leisurely approach to dining.