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Aug 25, 2007 06:52 PM

Brunch in Wayne county

Brunch tomorrow please help!!!!!!

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  1. Wayne County ... Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, ...

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    1. re: jlawrence01

      If MI, The Whitney in Detroit is well known for its Sunday brunch. I haven't been there since the management changed, and it's pricey (although not as pricey as the dinners), but the setting is unbeatable.

    2. Sweet Georgia Brown also does a good Sunday brunch.

      1. Brunch in Wayne county, Ohio is going to be very slim possibilities. The Wooster In n might be a possibility, TJ's or the ye Olde Jail and maybe the restaurant at the Best Western Hotel. We have the usual chain restaurants in Wooster, but I doubt that is what you seek. Almost all of the Amish restaurants are closed on Sunday, due to religious services.

        1. If Michigan, we actually had a good brunch buffet some years ago at Holiday Inn, Livonia. I would also see if Sweet Lorraine's in Livonia is doing breakfast--the one in Southfield is.

          1. What about Wayne County, Indiana?

            Lunch or Dinner options, as well?