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Aug 25, 2007 06:44 PM

Beer bistro recomendations?

Going to beerbistro tomorrow with my family and after taking a look at the menu I was curious to know what people have had good/bad experiences with? I was mainly considering the pulled pork platter, steak frites, slow smoked shoulder of lamb, applewood smoked ribs or smoked prime rib of beef bones? Any thoughts on any of the above or other dishes I should check out? Thanks ahead!

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  1. I really like their frites and the dessert platter for 2.
    I was underwhelmed by their fondue, lobster tacos, pulled pork quesadilla, and smoked salmon wrap. I haven't tried the dishes you mentioned.

    1. Their meat dishes are always good. I prefer the pulled pork in sandwich form (lunch menu) but it works on the platter, too. I like the sides that come with the ribs, so that helps decide between the meats for me.

      Definitely try the frites - they're almost the only fries I eat anymore. Worth the calories. :) On the appetizer front, the corn dogs (filled with duck confit instead of hot dog) are my favorite but the lamb ribs are yummy and I'm a fan of the red pepper/tomato soup.

      1. pass the soup - i have had it on two occasions, and both were tasteless and lukewarm. opt for the great mussles! always hearty and delicious.
        the quality of the appetizers were not consistent: we had really good luck with the maki and falafels once, but never since.
        bf had the pulled pork and the lamb before, and enjoyed them both.
        i always have their mussle dishes: esp love the brussels version.

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          We tried the falafel appetizer on Thursday and I felt like they were missing something. Maybe even just a little salt, although I wasn't crazy about the texture, a bit undercooked, I think.
          The frites are always good there.

        2. thanks for the recomendations guys, keep them coming! I'll let you know how it goes.

          1. The frites are fantastic but I wasn't impressed with the steak. Entirely too chewy for me. The ribs were good last time I had them but I wasn't blown away. The lobster Quesadilla is a miss if they're still offering it. The duck confit corn dogs were interesting but not to my taste but you might give them a try based on other's perspective. Frites are a must.