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Calgary - Vogglio's D'Pizza

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Hi folks. Long time lurker. I stumbled upon a huge thread in a Calgary car forum about a pizza joint that everyone has been raving about. Didn't see it here so thought I'd share it. I haven't even tried this pizza, i've been out town for a bit, but the reviews are so glowing I thought I'd put it up here anyways.

Here is the thread: http://forums.beyond.ca/showthread.ph...

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  1. I live a block south- I'll give it a try. The kids at beyond.ca don't usually have taste that I trust, but it would be superb to have a good pizza place this close to home for me.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      I'd agree with the taste, but with pizza I feel kids can be trusted!

      1. re: szw

        I am a pretty active participant over there on beyond, and a occasional poster (full time lurker) here.

        After seeing that thread I decided to try Vogglio's one afternoon.
        I purchased two medium pizzas, one was "buffalo"
        (jalape├▒os, ham, salami, mushrooms, ground beef, green pepper)

        and the other was an off the menu pizza of my own creation (feta, chorizo, olives, fresh tomato slices - after the pizza came out of the oven, obviously).

        I paid roughly $25 dollars for the two mediums, and while the price is slightly higher than chain pizza, the difference in taste was immediately obvious.

        Luis, the owner, is a very hard working and genuine person; He took the time to tell me the story of how he moved to Canada, and with the insistence of his friends and family, opened Voggilo's to zero fanfare a few months ago.

        Now I'm not about to go on an extended diatribe about how his pizza changed my life or anything.. simply put, it was just very very good pizza..

        The ingredients were superbly fresh, great spulumbo's chorizo (I believe), even the tomatoes were perfectly red and juicy. The cheese was of a very high quality , and I listened to Luis speak about how he tries to differentiate himself from his competitors by offering a product with higher quality ingredients, he was extremely passionate about this fact.

        The pizza came perfectly cooked, and unlike some chain stores, the crust and dough was golden and crispy (not soggy) after my 6 block walk home.

        Only complaint? It took a long time to make, probably getting closer to 1h 45m total (I phoned my order in, Luis gave me a 1hr ETA, I showed up and ended up having to wait another 35-40 minutes)..

        Otherwise great, I will be ordering again, just hope he can get some help in the kitchen to keep up with the influx of business.

        Curious to hear a proper "foodie" take on some of the more adventurous menu choices.

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          Your take is completely "foodie"! Sounds great. I have to say that it's one of the most fascinating pizza menues I've ever seen.

    2. I saw the posts on Beyond too, and finally tried it. I sure hope he stays in business - kids can always be counted on to sniff out a good deal. Great pizza, unbelievably cheap. I didn't have a menu so I just ordered a couple of 10" pizzas with made-up toppings - chicken/mushroom and pepperoni and they were really good, and $17 for both! I figure $8 each before GST. Unless the rent is dirt cheap I really don't know how he does it. BTW I had trouble finding it becuz the phone listing is Vogghio's, but it's on 14th St between 16th and 15th Ave on the east side next to Shwarma King. No tables for dine-in, just a few seats for waiting when you get takeout.

      1. very impressed. The husband has declared it the best pizza in Calgary so far... i can't remember the name, but it had steak, red peppers, bacon and onion. The toppings were very generous: real, sizeable, crisp pieces of bacon vs. the crumbled, salty, greasy bits that often appear. The crust was my favorite part, thin, chewy, crisp edges. perfect balance of toppings to crust, flavor to texture. There are a lot of different options on the menu... bacon and prunes.... for the adventurous.

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          DITTO DITTO DITTO. COMPLETELY SUPERB. I got a medium 'Mexicana" today- and was blown away- imagine the best order of nachos you've ever tasted on a perfect pizza crust- maybe that description doesn't sound as appetizing as I want it to, but - oh, hell, just order this man's pizza.

          Vogglio's is on 14 St north of Phil's, at about 15th Ave SW- it's in the same strip as Shawarma King and Adult Depot- and it looks like ass but the pizza, oh the pizza- being next to a porn shop invites unsavoury comparisons...

          228-1228. IT LIVES UP TO THE HYPE. Extraordinary.

          1. re: John Manzo

            LOL LOL just for that review I think we have to go and give that shot!! We've been on the search for a yummy pizza joint and this places sounds like the well...I'll leave out the porn comparison. ;-0 Cheers!

        2. Tried Vogglio's D'Pizza last night. While it didn't change my life, or anything, it was very good value and I agree it is of far higher quality than the grease wheel offered up by other pizzerias in this town. I hope that it goes the distance.

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          1. My favorite calgary food blog + food porn of this pizza:


            1. I'm not in the area that often, but I love me some pizza, so I detoured a bit (okay, a couple of km) to get there tonight.

              Holy cow.

              No, seriously. Wow.

              Before I could even look at the menu, Luis gave me a slice of a guava pizza (the same one John Gilchrist mentioned in his review - http://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/n...) and it was astonishing. My eyes literally bulged out of my head when I took the first bite. Sweet but cheesy and oh, so delicious. I think an entire meal of just a fruit pizza could be a little cloying or over-the-top, but for your next pizza party I can't recommend enough that you throw a "Golosa" or it's cousin, the 6 fruit "Fruit Fantasy" on the table, too. I don't even know what to compare it to.

              My pizza was the Straccino, the steak/red pepper/onion/bacon mentioned by alex8alot above; it was absolutely delicious.

              Luis says he's been getting some great feedback, and when I mentioned I'd heard good things, he asked if it was the car forum -- of, course, when I replied that I'd heard of it from Chowhound he was familar with us as well. (¡Hola, Luis!)

              1. It's true - it is THAT good. Went for the first time last night and tried a Ponderosa (mushroom, chicken, banana peppers, tomato and green pepper). I thought it might not live up to the hype, as I've been hearing so much about this place, but it was really something else. The base was hand tossed and perfect, the toppings generous to the extreme and the taste - amazing! Everything tasted so fresh and it was a perfect mix of toppings. The people there are so nice you actually want to give them your money and you can tell they have pride in what they do. If you haven't been yet then Go....NOW!!!

                1. Does anyone know if Vogglio delivers? I'm thinking of ordering from them for an upcoming catered lunch at work.

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                  1. re: aktivistin

                    They deliver, but I would be amazed if they could handle a lunchtime catering job. They have to contract out delivery and I've heard horror stories (2 hours?!). There's some contradictory indications as to whether they're even open for lunch- remember this is basically a one-man operation (though there were 3 there last time I got it)

                    1. re: aktivistin

                      We waited 2 hours after ordering, called and they said it would be another 1/2 hour (which means they still hadn't fired the pizza!) so we canceled and will do pick up next time.

                      1. re: a voce

                        In that case, I'll hold off on ordering from Vogglio for the lunch and just go there myself for a pickup another evening. Thanks for the quick replies!

                    2. Ok, I'm persuaded but I'm concerned about the possibility of a wait since we have to trek across Calgary to get there as it is. Has the wait gotten any better? Is this only a takeout place or are there tables?

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                        Small bench, no real tables. Wait has not really gotten better - they tell you 30-35, but they really mean 60 minutes. 60-65 minutes is pretty consistent though.

                        They do do delivery, but as John put it, they contract it out. It's also quite expensive - starts at $5, and then an extra $1 per X distance from the restaurant itself.

                        And they've been open for lunch when i stopped by, but im sure it's likely inconsistent as well.

                        1. re: sharonanne

                          They told us 20 minutes and it was about 35 mins, so it wasn't that bad. For a tiny one-man place like this I'm happy to wait without getting mad. It's a bit rough and ready inside though so be prepared! The best bit about waiting was watching people shuffle in and out of the adult store next door trying to look inconspicuous.

                          1. re: sharonanne

                            yeah... we were told 20 minutes so we went around the corner to Bird Dog to rent a movie. We returned 25 mins later and had to wait another 20-25 mins or so before our pizzas were ready. But it turns out the extended wait was due to the fact that the cook had messed up one of our orders and only remembered as much after it was almost ready. He baked up the correct order and gave us the wrong one for free. All three of the pizzas we ended up getting were delicious.

                            1. re: marcopolo

                              Just got back from there. They're definitely attracting a lot of business and the whole family is working like crazy so I hope the long waits are turning anyone off. We phoned our order in at 7:15 pm, were told it would be ready in 45 mins, got there at 8:15 pm and got our pizza at 8:40 pm.

                              Luis said he's ordered a dough machine to help him out but it's not there yet. But I think they really need some counter help esp with word getting out now.

                              It's hard to get miffed when the pizza is this good and they're so proud of it and they're so nice.

                              1. re: alau2

                                OK alau here are the results of today's experiment (note that it's Sunday):

                                Ordered large "southern" at 4:15. Told 45 minute wait.

                                Depart home at 5:00.

                                Arrive at VdP at abount 5:02.

                                Told "10 more minutes."

                                Wait... not sure how long, but arrive home at 5:20.

                                Eat pizza, die happily of pork overdose, go to heaven. This is the one with corn, black beans (same refried drizzle as on the Mexicana), avocado, sausage and bacon. It is spectacular, even better when it cools off a bit. But a large is far, far too big for one person.

                                1. re: John Manzo

                                  Thanks for the report! Now let me know if you brave the rush on a Friday night... :-)

                                  I fell in love with the Ponderosa (chicken, fresh tomatoes, jalapenos, green peppers, mushroms) last time. And boy is it also good cold the next day.

                                  1. re: alau2

                                    Ordered a med "Mexicana", a small Hawaiian, and small Fruit Fantasy on Friday evening at 4:15 PM. Told 40 minute wait. Got there just after 5:05 PM - "one more minute" - he was just cutting up the avocados for the Mexicana.

                                    My kids inhaled the Hawaiian, and my wife and I are now absolute fans for the Mexicana and the Fruit Fantasy on the thin crust.

                                    So - order early Friday evenings!

                                    It can't be good for me, but I want to try a new pizza every week...

                          2. finally tried the pizza! very tasty!!
                            we ordered a chaparrel - lots of heat, i think there was hot sauce on it which is not listed on the description so if you don't like too spicy beware. i really liked this one.
                            we also ordered the southern - yummy! the avacado is a nice touch and they are very generous with the bacon...mmm...bacon...
                            the last was margarita - the least favorite of the group, a little disappointing compared with the other two.

                            the southern was my favorite - i think one of you may have been in there when we were there, there was much drooling and anticipation of your order :)

                            as with some of the other posts, we waited a long time - ordered about 4:40pm friday so we could pick up after work - told 5:20, show up 5:25 and waited about another 20 minutes. oh well, at least it was well worth the wait!

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                            1. re: pants

                              for all of you who aren't Pants or me- the "Southern" comes with bacon (strip, not back bacon), sausage, avocado, pureed black beans and CORN. And it works beautifully- it is however incredibly dense and unless you want to go with me to hell, don't order a large and eat it alone. Just sayin'. It's tempting, but just say no.

                            2. Oh man! This is GREAT pizza. We had it on the Mexicana last night. Luis is a pizza-genius. Well worth the trip & price.

                              1. Vogglio had a rough stretch there, three times in a row it was not very good at all, the crust was hard as a rock and pretty much unchewable, had to throw it out. I decided to give it one last try and it is back to its good old self. It is good thin crust.

                                Does anyone know why Calgary is doomed to have pretty unremarkable pizza? What is with that yellowy cheese thick greek style pie that 98.7% of the places make? It is good after drinking beer alright, but so it a terrible hot dog or pizza pops.
                                There seems to be no true european thin crust pizzas. Are they that hard to recreate? Pulcinella is good but seems to have quality control issues. Even in Germany I had great thin crust pizzas that were far cheaper than what we get here. I was in Nice for 4 days and every single meal I got pizza, I don;t even regret missing out on the other delights, the pizza was that good, everwhere. It seems so simple and cheap there. Why can't we get anything close to that? I had one close at Melrose of all places a couple years ago.

                                It makes no sense.

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                                1. re: fotze

                                  Well every country has its take on pizza and Canada has never had a strong pizza tradition- if you think Calgary is bad try Vancouver btw (better yet DON'T try Vancouver!). Some of those Greek places are superb but won't help if you're looking for thin crust but there is at least one thread on here that can help you- and actually being on here has made me quite happy and optimistic about pizza in this town. For thin crust, have you tried Il Centro, the superb pies at 1410 Bier Haus, the "flatbreads" at Divino, or even the surprisingly outstanding pies at the Co-op Midtown Market? If not, go!

                                  1. re: John Manzo

                                    >>if you think Calgary is bad try Vancouver btw (better yet DON'T try Vancouver!).

                                    Now now...I think we have at least a handful of good wood-fired Neapolitan pizza places here - the best of which is Lombardo's which is oddly situated inside a shopping mall on Commercial Drive. The crust is very thin and beautifully blistered. The toppings are sparse - and properly so. They now have a second location right downtown.

                                    Marcello's, also on the Drive, also has good pizza - but is saddled with a very bad service record. Marcello used to be the pizzaolo at Lombardo's....prior to the divorce.

                                    Sorry for the derail....

                                    1. re: fmed

                                      No, I'm sorry for the unnecessary snark.

                                  2. re: fotze

                                    It is very hard to make thin crust properly at Calgary's altitude and humidity. Sourcing correct double zero flour can be a huge pain here. Also, I suspect most pizza places here use tap water; the chlorine kills the yeast.

                                    I can do it, but it's an involved process. Scaling that operation would be very hard.

                                    1. re: Shazam

                                      I seem to recall reading that answer somewhere before. Its like the mystery of the caramilk bar and why for some godforsaken reason The Pied Pickle has remained in business for so long.

                                      1. re: Shazam

                                        Yeast does fine w/ tap water, where did you hear otherwise? I've baked w/ tap water my whole life.

                                        1. re: John Manzo

                                          But are you sure people have people completely honest about your baking. Just kidding. It is plausible, because it is a better explanation than there being a black pizza hole situated over Western Canada. Surely there are more entrepreneurial people than I who have visited Europe. Hell there are generations of Italians who lived there and make that thick greasy thing. Maybe its the same phenomena you hear about chinese good not being as good as 'real' chinese food over here.

                                          1. re: fotze

                                            I'm standing by my view that, by Canadian standards (in fact western North American standards), the pizza in Calgary isn't that bad. I'm not as upset about the Greek places flourishing (I LOVE Nick's and Sophie's), can get excellent thin crust a few steps from my front door at Vogglio's or 1410 Bierhaus... my issue is actually with people who can't see past Pizza 73 or Papa John's. Those are the places I save my hate (well, my dislike) for.

                                            1. re: John Manzo

                                              Count my family in the group that considers the pizza in Calgary fantastic, and prefers Greek style pizza any day of the week to thin crust offerings. Ogden Pizza is my favorite in town and I have to drive to pick it up since we are too far south for delivery. Pizza 73 is not pizza, the only chain in town I find to be just barely ok is Western pizza. As for Vogglio's, I haven't tried it yet but will have to make a point of it.

                                              I have found good pizza in Montreal but nothing in southern Ontario that is worth talking about. I think the best pizza I have ever had was actually in Croatia not Italy, although I have had some great pizza there.

                                        2. re: Shazam

                                          Hmmm. I live in Canmore, right at the highest point in town & have absolutely no problem baking breads or the crispiest, thin crust pizza you could wish for on my domestic oven. I also have a fantastic sourdough starter which produces excellent bread made with the local tap water.

                                          Chlorine in tap water may slighty inhibit iyeast's effectiveness possibly, but kill stone dead so it won't ferment - absolutely not. I have yet to come across a bakery in Calgary that does not use mains water in their production - hell tap water is a bakers best friend, they find every ingenious way imaginable to get more into their products.

                                          I suspect the key to a good thin crust lies in the correct fermentation of the dough, the oven being hot enough & the toppings not being too wet.

                                          Case in point - we went to Montepulciano last night & had a terrible thin crust, wood fired pizza - the crust was sopping wet in the middle under the toppings & soft/chewy round the edges - the restaurant was busy with a constant stream of pizzas enetering the oven - watching them we were highly dubious that the oven was hot enough. On previous visits on quieter days we have had superb pizza there.

                                      2. Had pizza from here last night as a friend is housesitting in an apartment right next to Vogglio. It was very impressive. We had a large thin crust special... tons of toppings (chicken, ham, salami, pepperoni), great sauce and cheese. The shredded chicken was very tasty.

                                        The pizza was really quick too! We went down and placed our order, since we were so close, and we were told 15 minutes or so. I didn't keep track, but it was not much longer than that for sure! Everybody must have been out of the city for the long weekend.

                                        I'm excited to try more. We're going back tomorrow for a couple of pizzas after a big ridge hike in the mountains.

                                        1. After all the hype I had to make a special trip down. We tried the Southern and Fantasia, it was a neat display but I can't that he's particularly generous with toppings. Maybe it's gone a bit down since this thread had been started ???

                                          I still have to say Inglewood Pizza beats this by long shot. I'd drive down special for that one.

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                                          1. re: sleepycat

                                            inglewood pizza?!

                                            i couldn't disagree more, i find the pizza there very poor, and definitely not worth a special trip. Heck, i'm in the neighbourhood every day, but wouldn't eat the pizza there. If you're in Inglewood, you're better off getting pizza from Paul's in ramsay. They definitely don't skimp on toppings (but it's more of a greek style pizza, with fairly standard toppings in comparison to Vogglio's).

                                            last time at Vogglio's i made the mistake of ordering a regular crust and it was waaayyy too doughy. I recommend sticking with their thin crust.

                                            1. re: marcopolo

                                              agreed on the crust- got the mexicana w/ "regular" crust to give it a whirl last time and it's not nearly as nice as the thin.

                                              1. re: marcopolo

                                                We usually only order the house special to compare. We'll try the Paul's as we are up to trying new things.

                                              2. re: sleepycat

                                                I agree with you -- Inglewood Pizza is much better than Voglio's. True, they are different styles of pizza (thick crust vs. thin crust, for one thing). I don't understand all the hype for Voglio's. I've had Voglio's pizza two or three times. It's never been particulary good. The delivery guy told me that it was "the best pizza" in Calgary. Clearly they believe the hype. .

                                                1. re: karensmarcus

                                                  You got it delivered. That's the problem.

                                                  What Inglewood serves is the same as what you get at dozens (and dozens and dozens) of "Greek" style pizza places all over town. Vogglio's is completely unique, not just for Calgary but for Canada. If you don't like it then that's your prerogative of course, but please don't compare apples to oranges.

                                              3. Made it to Vogglio's this week for 2 extra-large pizzas - (I didn't realize that when Luis says extra-large he means it) -original crusts - one white and one whole wheat. Loved them and I will go out of my way for this pizza - they were great. Lots of toppings, much better value than what I've been buying, very tasty, and Luis is one of the nicest people I have met in a long time. I really hope this place does well. Can't wait to get back to try the thin crusts so many have been recommending.

                                                1. I tried Vogglio's recently based on the hype from this thread, and I have to say I was a little disappointed. It's not bad pizza, and he has some great toppings for sure, but I would only go as far as to call it better then average.

                                                  The best pizza in the Calgary area that I have had is from the Rocky Mountain Flat Bread Co in Canmore. Wood oven, bubbled crust and all that. Expensive as hell but worth it.

                                                  Best pizza in Western Canada that I have had: Copper Kettle in Regina, SK. If you think vogglio's has great toppings you haven't seen anything (this place also gets props from me because they have about 20 vegetarian pizzas on their menu).

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                                                  1. re: vegaholic

                                                    What did you have? One thing that is superb about Luis is that his vegetarian pizzas are so much more creative than at most other places. Instead of the usual "veggie" with predictable bell peppers, onions, tomato and mushroom, he has the fruit pizzas and veggie with zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower- and I see SEVEN veggie pizzas on his menu. This place in Regina might have 20 but Luis barely has 20 total and a third are vegetarian.

                                                    1. re: John Manzo

                                                      I shared two of the thin crust vegetarian pizzas with friends... I guess the toppings don't blow me away because I've had those toppings before, and done slightly better in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, his pizza is better then any of the standard fare out there, and I agree that he some great pizzas on the menu - I just have pretty high standards when it comes to pizza. I don't even normally get take away pizza, but if was going to do it again, I would get it from Luis.

                                                      1. re: John Manzo

                                                        Don't forget the ubiquitous (and usually pencil-eraser texture bad) black olives on that predictable veggie pizza list. :)

                                                          1. re: John Manzo

                                                            lol right how could I forget. Although until I was in my teens I thought that limp tasteless $h!t was what pineapple tasted like. I don't think fresh pineapple was as widely available in the 70's & 80's as it is now...or maybe it was just that my folks didn't buy it.

                                                    2. We finally tried Vogglio this weekend. Had the regular crust. We bought 3 large in a moment of madness not knowing when we'd have a chance to get back. We liked them all (Southern, the one with beef and bacon and the spicy one).

                                                      While the crust is good it's not about the crust or the cheese here. The toppings are the star. I'm not sure what other places do to bacon; I'm afraid they process it. Usually all you get is a taste but this pizza has squares of bacon that you have to chew. The avocado was cooked brown by the time we made it home so it didn't add much. Not sure what we could have done abotu that other than to eat it in the park or car. It sure looked pretty when Luis presented each one to us like a work of art.

                                                      I found the steak, red pepper bacon one a little dry. There isn't a lot of tomato sauce. The corn on the southern one adds moisture. That's really my favorite.

                                                      It's all about the meat. At least on the ones we tried. Each slice is like a hearty open sandwich. I'd like to try the veg one with cauliflower. I can't imagine a better selection of veggies. Also, when we said no green pepper on one he asked us if we'd like to substitute red pepper so I'm sure you can get any combo you'd like.

                                                      1. I converted two friends to Vogglio over the weekend. These guys eat pizza a lot, every couple months they throw out a stack of pizza boxes the size of a 6' person. I was quite worried because they are meat and potatoes types. We got the mexican and the meat lovers. The meat lovers was the saltiest thing I've ever had. Imagine a 12" diameter piece of 1 inch thick Big Chief Beef Jerky. It tasted great and another side benefit is that I won't need to go pee for a week and a half, there is no more water in my system.

                                                        The mexican pie was completely different, like eating tacos but on pizza, the thought had always grossed me out but it was incredibly surprisingly good. They loved both of the pies and gorged themselves to the point of sleeping.

                                                        1. Ordered a small Ponderosa (chicken, tomatoes, green bell and banana peppers) and a personal Golosa (guava paste and mozza) for dinner tonight. Was told 30 mins, and it was ready in exactly 30. Luis had his wisdom teeth out yesterday and wasn't doing any cooking but the woman who was making pizzas (small latin am woman, his wife or sis?) was really pulling out some nice looking pies. They gave me a small instead of a personal Golosa (not sure why) and the feast came to $20.13.

                                                          The Ponderosa was superb- lots of sliced chicken, not the rubbery stuff you get at, say, Panago, and heaps of veggies on a very nice crispy thin crust. Good clean flavours and unlike the Southern it didn't leave me feeling sick full from pork overload- I really liked it. The Golosa- not so much. I know guava paste is sweet but I was hoping for more sweet-savoury that you get from combining, say, cheddar and quince jelly, and this was just SO sweet. I am going to give it another try when it's cool as that guava paste gets viciously hot.

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                                                          1. re: John Manzo

                                                            anyone know if they are re-open? I am missing the mexicana pizza

                                                            1. re: kritafo

                                                              They've been open again for weeks. So, yes.

                                                              1. re: John Manzo

                                                                Thanks it's a long drive from the NW. Excellent....now I have to wait until Saturday to crazy on Halloween with the kids buzzing for candy

                                                          2. I just ordered from Vogglio's for the first time. As others have mentioned, it did take a while to get my food. I was told 25 minutes on the phone, showed up 35 minutes later, and still had to wait another 25 minutes. Overall the pizza is good, but I think I'll get thin crust next time. There's a tiny bit too much breadiness there for me.

                                                            I tried:
                                                            The Southern with no meat (eating with vegetarians) - fantastic. Corn is a actually a great pizza topping. Good flavours and artfully presented.
                                                            The Sicilian - The green pepper was overpowering, but bites with just onions, basil and the other herbs were really good.
                                                            The Fruit Festival - this is a strange pizza. I was expecting some fresh fruit, but it's really just canned fruit cocktail, maraschino cherries and dried dates. 1 piece of a small 10" pie is about all I could eat. I'll try the guava one instead next time.

                                                            Looks like they have a website now: http://www.vogglio.com/

                                                            1. I had Vogglio pizza twice this weekend as my friend lives next door. My friend is a longtime customer and told me that he has definitely had to wait when ordering pickup before. This time we ordered two mediums on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday night. Both times we showed up thirty minutes after ordering and they were ready. I think that the off peak hours certainly helped with the speed.

                                                              The pizza was wonderful both times. The staff really seems to take pride in what they make. We really enjoyed the chaparral and ordered one both times.