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Aug 25, 2007 05:39 PM

Great Bread at Breadsmith in Cranford, NJ

We recently visited the newly opened "Breadsmith" store in Cranford, NJ. Breadsmith is a mid-western chain for upscale artisan bread. And Cranford is their first East Coast location.
The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. They explain the different breads and let you taste all of them. They have a few "core breads" every day and then a weekly rotation of additional specialty breads.
The focaccia that we got was quite amazing. Just the right texture, well rounded taste complemented by a few herbs.
The prices are bit on the high side even for artisan bread, but considering the quality and the fact that you can taste before you buy, I believe it is still worthwhile.
With really good and authentic (in particular European style) bread not that easy to get in this area, I'm glad they opened their first store in my neighborhood.
More details in my blog:

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  1. Great information, thanks!

    I had not known that a place like this had even opened and I look forward to trying it out. It is somewhere that also makes sandwiches for lunch, etc or is strictly take out breads?

    It sounds like a better panera or atlanta bread. By looking at their menu, Im eager to try out a few of those specialty breads.

    Thanks again.

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    1. re: yankeefan

      I agree with the OP and also try their coffee cake.

      1. re: MShapiro

        It's definitely better than Panera. I've tried their sourdough bread. Once i got over the shape (loaf) and the VERY hard crust, the fact remained thet the bread tastes good and has a nice texture. Not San Fran sourdough, but good bread. I tried their coffee cake today (the individual one) and was very disappointed. Taste, texture, jam(?) in the middle. I don't need to have another.

    2. I actually went today and was impressed. nice that they offered samples of all of them but wish it wasnt changing by day, would like to have the full offerings each day.

      bt defintely some quality bread, I would reccommend it.

      1. The true test is their Russian Rye,.......difficult to make the Jewish deli way