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Great China in Berkeley - What to Order?

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Taking eight others to Great China in Berkeley. I have already ordered the Peking Duck. What are other must-order dishes?


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  1. Try their double skin, which are green bean sheets (pasta like)salad with cucumber, various seafood, shredded chicken with hot mustard soy dressing.

    1. We were there last week and enjoyed it a lot. We were seated on the "third floor" - an upstairs room that has been converted from a spare bedroom, apparently. It was cozy, wtih only two tables, one for 8 and one for 12.

      I recommend the "double skin" -- a sort of salad of various items, mixed at the table, in a tangy mustard sauce.

      We enjoyed the green beans and the smoked tea duck, though I see you are getting Peking duck.
      Others at my table were fond of the orange beef and the hot-and-sour soup, though I was not so impressed.
      We also had some very nice seafood dumplings.

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        Robert Lauriston

        Third on "Double Skin." My other favorite dish is the tea-smoked duck. Mmmmmmmm.

        1. And a fourth on the double skin -- the other dish I really like there is the sauteed crab meat (with buns). The the double skin, the crab and other special dishes are on a separate page of the menu that says something like "chef specials" -- there are other good dishes there as well.

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            Not to go off on topic. If you're double skin fan, 99 ranch now sell double skin kits (sauce and the noodles). They're located at the dry rice noodle section. I think it's $2.99 per box that will feed 4 easily.

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              do they serve whole crabs in season?

            2. We were there recently, and they no longer have a liquor license, so no Chinese beer. Food was good, though--peking duck, double skin, crab w/ buns.

              1. The food is decent here for a Korean-Chinese restaurant. Stick with the ducks and crab and double-skins. Their dumplings are average and the noodles are sub-par.

                However, their service is pretty crappy. They seem to have the attitude of "we're too busy to care". Just be prepared for the rudeness and long, long waits for every dish if you go at the busy times.


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                  Korean Chinese? All the dining room stuff speaks Mandarin, and the kitchen stuff speaks Cantonese. That's pretty good language skills for a bunch of Koreans.

                  Their service is par for a Chinese restaurant. "Business like" is the best I can describe it.

                  As for the food, I do agree that outside of three or four dishes, they are pretty ordinary. But you go for the Peking duck, best in the bay area.

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                    Korean-Chinese is a wonderful overseas Chinese food style. Many of the Chinese in Korea are Shandong-ren (like Mr. Tanspace) and speak beautiful, classical Mandarin. They also cook Shandong cuisine quite well.

                2. Great China is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants. I order the Peking duck (one of the best I've had outside China), double-skin, and the sauteed crabmeat with eggwhites. I once had a really good fish soup also. Below is a picture of the double-skin.

                  Link: http://hungryhedonist.blogspot.com/

                  Image: http://static.flickr.com/39/77472167_...

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                    Edit--by fish soup, I actually meant mussel soup. Very clear and flavorful broth.

                    Link: http://hungryhedonist.blogspot.com/