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Aug 25, 2007 05:06 PM

Captain Harvey's Seafood, Reisterstown

Just wondering if anyone has been to Captain Harvey's Seafood Restaurant in Owings Mills/ Reisterstown lately. Their sign says "new menu, new attitude". Did they have a bad attitude before? This place has been there forever ( at least 30 years) Just wondering if anything has changed...

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  1. The on-line lunch menu seems unchanged.

    1. Their online menu is unchanged but the menu inside is new. There are some new faces there and more people buzzing around . The food is still very good, thank god no change there, lol. Captains Toast is incredible and I got the New York Strip Pittsburgh med rare and it was as good as it gets.

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        Thanks for mentioning Captain Harvey's. I haven't been there in years but went tonight with my wife and mother in law. We routinely eat "chinese style" and so ordered the crabcake and half rack special. My wife asked the waiter whether the cream of crab or french onion soup was a better choice. He said both are good but a recent european diner said the onion soup was the best he's had!. She ordered the onion soup and I had the crabcake sandwich with french fries and cole slaw. Being the cheap son in law that I am I defied the wisdom that customers never order the cheapest wine on the menu and got the Jacob's Creek Shiraz ($15). (City paper editors please note that on my Mother in law's 84th birthday I ordered an $84 bottle at Linwood's- and she was with us to enjoy it.)

        We discussed whether to have a side of spinach with the special rather than a potato and then a few mixups ensued. Spinach appeared with the special. (Perfectly cooked but not part of our order- serendipitous. My slaw appeared on the special platter and the salad we ordered was brought only after we pointed that out to the waiter.

        However every dish and all the ingredients were fresh and well prepared. Three kinds of lettuce on the salad with an italian dressing (recommended by the waiter) with much grated aged parmesan. Outstanding crock of french onion soup. (My wife thinks the best she has had,) Rolls with dinner were 3 brotchen type rolls. The thick tomato slice with my crabcake sandwich looked like a fresh local tomato. Indifferent lightly battered french fries and a small portion of decent homemade cole slaw. Above average restaurant crabcakes with what seemed like fresh local backfin lump. (not G&M style)

        We thanked the waiter for his recommendations and asked him what else he recommends when we return. He said he had only been working there a couple of weeks but that the orange roughy and pork chop were also good. I asked him whether the fried oysters were frozen after they were padded. He said no they weren't and checked to make sure that is correct. (My cousin has discovered that it is very rare to find fried oysters in restaurants that are not frozen after padding until ready to fry for a customer.)

        We asked the waiter's name and wrote a note on the check regarding his knowledge about the menu and thanking him for the recommendations.

        As we left we mentioned our good service to the maitre d' and mentioned that my Mother in law knew the original Captin Harvey (who we learned from the menu was a tugboat Captain who started his restaurant in Federal Hill in 1935 and moved to the current location in 1952.) Maitre d' says was that my father or grandfather you knew? She said your grandfather, whereupon he called his father from the bar and intoduced us to him. We complimented him on the meal and my wife noted that the crabmeat is better than what you usually find in a restaurant.

        He agreed and apologised that his usual supplier in North Carolina was not able to keep him supplied this year. He thinks crabmeat from Md/ Va/ NC etc is sweeter and better than much imported crabmeat. He said they dredge fresh oysters in a batter just before frying.

        I loook forward to returning and thank you for encouraging us to try Harvey's again.