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Aug 25, 2007 04:09 PM

Sparks Steak House

Opinions on Sparks Steakhouse or any other steak house recommendations.


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  1. Sparks has the best sirloin strip steak in Manhattan, and I have tried them all. Crowded and more noisy than lots of other steakhouses and some sides are so so,but the steak, and the wine....oh boy, the big lucious reds at prices you won't find anywhere else, maybe not even in a winestore.

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    1. re: steakman55

      I agree about Sparks. The wine list is amazing. You'll find wines you love for amazing prices. They cook steak perfectly. Its the only place that really can char the outside yet it is still beautifully rare.

      1. re: clr111

        I dunno about perfect cooking. I was at a company dinner there, and all the people who requested medium well or well done received medium rare when they received their steaks. I personally dont like medium well or well done steak, but if someone requests it, the restaurant should oblige them.

    2. Avoid the Palm like the plague - it's the most over-rated steak house EVER. Mortons is second most over-rated. Peter Luger's, and Ruth's Chris are the best I've ever had.

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      1. re: OC Mutt

        I agree Peter Luger's & Ruth Chris are the best

        1. re: NYULawFoodie

          Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it, have said on this board, impeccable service, always deliver steaks cooked perfectly, my family loves the lemony/peppery shrimp!

        2. Sparks is still very, very good, for all the reasons stated by steakman55. You do need to know what to order as far as sides, but with a huge, perfectly cooked sirloin strip, what more do you really need then some creamed spinach and a great glass of red?

          Enjoy. Sparks is legendary for a reason.

          1. Agreed that Sparks is the way to go in the city (and I actually prefer it to that Outer-Borough favorite at times...), great steak AND impeccable service.

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            1. re: theannerska

              Thanks everyone, Sparks it is.

              1. re: wald

                Apparently this board's opinion regarding steakhouses is pretty ridiculious. Sparks is the only steakhouse I left completly unsatisfied.

                Mortons, Wolfgang Puck's, Ruth Chris's and Lueger's (although I've never had their steak) are far superior quality. Without even considering the fact that Spark's is overpriced.

                1. re: phloes

                  Strong words there, phloes....but you've got to come with real ammo....Wolfgang's has nothing to do with Wolfgang Puck...he's formerly of Luger (check that spelling too). But I agree that Wolfgang's & Luger (not Ruth's Chris) outdo Sparks.

                  1. re: drumwine

                    Just ate at Wolfgang's ( Park Ave ) Fri night and our meal was so awful that I would never return or even recommend this restaurant to anyone.

                  2. re: phloes

                    Ruth's Chris is a mediocre chain with poor steaks that they have to cover the lack of quality by using 1/2 lb of melted butter on the plate. Morton's doesn't dry age their steaks they wet age their steaks and its more money than Sparks. Wolfgang's is a poor copy of Luger with tasteless steaks. I think Sparks has been going downhill the last few years but is still better than every place you mentioned besides Peter Lugers.

                    1. re: phloes

                      Phloes-u are either too high maintenance or mental-Sparks rocks!! And being the UES Mayor, I have eaten at all the main player's places. Besides they have the best lobsters and fish! And the workers are wonderful!!