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Octoberfest in LA or OC

Hi all,
I was wondering what are the best of the Octoberfest's in LA.
I have only been to Old World in Huntington about 7 years ago.
I know there is something at Alpine Village and also something at the Phoenix Club? in Orange.
I live in OC so OC locations are best, but if there is a great place you know-please tell me.
Also best time of week etc. All recommendations welcome.

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  1. Jagerhaus at 2525 Ball Rd in Anaheim celebrates but I do not know the details. Their # is 714 520-9500. Jagerhaus is a very good German restaurant.

    1. I think Alpine Village does the best Oktoberfest, but Old World is fun, too.... and a lot closer!

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      1. re: torta basilica

        Alpine Village is Cheesy.

        I dunno about jagerhaus.

        The Maltose Falcons hold one, but I don't think it's public.

        Lake Arrowhead has one, and I think Big Bear does one.

        1. re: Diana

          Well, they're all cheesy - even the real Oktoberfest is cheesy - I've been over 10 times in Munich, but it's still fun!

          1. re: Diana

            Just missed the Hungarian and Polish festivals at Alpine Village. The full event schedule is in the Place link.

            Alpine Village Inn-Restaurant
            833 Torrance Blvd Ste 1A, Torrance, CA 90502

        2. I thought the Old World and Alpine Village Octoberfests were both ok, but not great. If you live in OC, I don't think it's worth making a trip up to Torrance for Alpine Village--I think the experience is pretty comparable to Old World Village near you.

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            Red Lion Tavern where it's always Oktoberfest.

          2. I had a great time last year at Old World. Hung out with the oompah band a bit - they were fun. Good beer, brats, etc. Yum. Oh, and the acrobat ladies were great.

            As for tacky, yeah, that's the point. I remember visiting the Hofbrau Haus in Munich years ago (in the spring), and it was just like the Old World Oktoberfest, except with German 20-somethings wearing lederhosen instead of ugly Americans.

            1. Thank you everyone for your posts and information, I appreciate it very much.

              1. I think this is the time when I should pour out my sadness in a sentimental posting... Oktoberfest at Knoll's Black Forest Inn in Santa Monica was head and shoulders above the silly events at Old World and Alpine Village. It was authentic, the food was wonderfully prepared, and the beer was not served in styrofoam cups. And their oompah band always played "Drink Your Beer Here Because You Can't Take Your Beer to Heaven," which ranks atop my list of drinking songs. Knoll's, oh how I miss thee...

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                  Did Knoll's close or something? Best Oktoberfest I've been to in the States was in San Francisco at the hanger in Fort Mason. Its almost worth the weekend trip up there for it. I've been meaning to hit Alpine Village, but now I'm having doubts after reading this thread.

                  True, all Oktoberfest's are cheesey, but does it also attract lots of young people, and do people get really, really drunk? Those are essential elements as well. No suugestions for LA proper, but would love to hear some.

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                    Yes, Knoll's closed. There was a couple who owned the restaurant for years and they wanted to retire, but their kids did not want to take over, so the sold the restaurant.

                2. Those are great suggestions but does anyone know of any oktoberfest celebrations actually in Los Angeles?

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                    No, as far as I know of..You may call The Red Lion Tavern in Silverlake and see if they will do anything special this year for it. Warning, the place is small, and is allways packed from 7pm to closing. Parking there is horrible, park across the street if you value your sanity.

                    German restos in LA, like as in downtown???? Slim to none of them.

                    1. re: YEMIan

                      Sorry Yemi,

                      But March isn't too far off, so just go big for St. Patty's day:)