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Aug 25, 2007 02:45 PM

Octoberfest in LA or OC

Hi all,
I was wondering what are the best of the Octoberfest's in LA.
I have only been to Old World in Huntington about 7 years ago.
I know there is something at Alpine Village and also something at the Phoenix Club? in Orange.
I live in OC so OC locations are best, but if there is a great place you know-please tell me.
Also best time of week etc. All recommendations welcome.

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  1. Jagerhaus at 2525 Ball Rd in Anaheim celebrates but I do not know the details. Their # is 714 520-9500. Jagerhaus is a very good German restaurant.

    1. I think Alpine Village does the best Oktoberfest, but Old World is fun, too.... and a lot closer!

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      1. re: torta basilica

        Alpine Village is Cheesy.

        I dunno about jagerhaus.

        The Maltose Falcons hold one, but I don't think it's public.

        Lake Arrowhead has one, and I think Big Bear does one.

        1. re: Diana

          Well, they're all cheesy - even the real Oktoberfest is cheesy - I've been over 10 times in Munich, but it's still fun!

          1. re: Diana

            Just missed the Hungarian and Polish festivals at Alpine Village. The full event schedule is in the Place link.

            Alpine Village Inn-Restaurant
            833 Torrance Blvd Ste 1A, Torrance, CA 90502

        2. I thought the Old World and Alpine Village Octoberfests were both ok, but not great. If you live in OC, I don't think it's worth making a trip up to Torrance for Alpine Village--I think the experience is pretty comparable to Old World Village near you.

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          1. re: Nicole

            Red Lion Tavern where it's always Oktoberfest.

          2. I had a great time last year at Old World. Hung out with the oompah band a bit - they were fun. Good beer, brats, etc. Yum. Oh, and the acrobat ladies were great.

            As for tacky, yeah, that's the point. I remember visiting the Hofbrau Haus in Munich years ago (in the spring), and it was just like the Old World Oktoberfest, except with German 20-somethings wearing lederhosen instead of ugly Americans.

            1. Thank you everyone for your posts and information, I appreciate it very much.