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Aug 25, 2007 02:30 PM

restaurants with local in season produce

It is summer and the garden is yielding lovely tomatos, peppers and other veggies. Do you guys have suggestions on restaurants that are of consistently high quality that (in the summer at least) focus on using local, in season ingredients?

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  1. The Gladstone has Harvest Wednesday where this is their focus. I can't recommend it though as I haven't been to the Gladstone in years - and that was just for beer and karaoke!

    1. Il Fornello is supposed to have a local ingredient menu as addition to their regular one.

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        I ate at Il Fornell on Queen's Quay this morning... I mentioned to my friends that the roma tomato was hard as rocks and there was no excuse when there are so many fresh, juicy tomatoes in abundance right now. They mentioned that all of the Il Fornello's except for the one we were on, have the local produce menu (the server mentioned the restaurant gets rammed and they need to ensure a large steady supply of produce)

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          I was at the il fornello in the beaches a couple of weeks ago and ordered off the seasonal menu.. I think I had a beet salad and a pulled pork ravioli, both which were surprisingly good for a chain. Its definetly worth a try if you are close by to a location and are looking for a quick inexpensive meal

      2. MIght be focussing on veg too much, but I would think Fressen would be into local and top quality produce, Niagra Street Cafe probally too...

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          I actually quite liked Fressen. We (partner and I) have also liked Get Real cafe (also veg) and cool hand of the girl (the junction). We are not veg, but definitely like in season produce along with flesh at times. I saw the harvest menu from Gladstone, but had no idea as to whether the cooking was actually good. We've never actually been to Il Fornelo or Niagra Street Cafe.