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Aug 25, 2007 01:55 PM

Fresh Salmon for Gravlax

Where would I find absolutely fresh salmon in San Francisco to make gravlax in mid-September?

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  1. i always get mine at new may wah market on clement near 8th. it's always been fresh and my gravlax has been consistently wowing friends and family for years. and their prices are great.

    1. The best gravlax I ever made came from a filleted fat belly of a fish fresh at Andronico's.
      It was not in the ice counter display but cut from the whole fish by the fishmonger at my request.You might also look to the fishing boats depending on how much you plan to make. Do you use sugar, salt, pepper, dill and vodka?

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        I usually use the Time-Life Scandinavian Recipes (1968 ed.) which includes dill, salt, sugar and peppercorns. No vodka in this recipe, and if adding some alcohol, I would imagine Aquavit as more interesting.

      2. i just picked up fresh wild salmon for $4.99/lb at costco sf and will be making gravlax with it.