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Aug 25, 2007 01:21 PM

Restaurants near NYU

Can anyone suggest good restaurants near NYU? Both lunchtime and dinner time please. Any cool lounges? Moving to the area. Thanks!!

Lunch time looking for something more reasonable and health.

Dinner time looking for good eats, good atmosphere, not really concerned about price. Already been to Blue Hill and Babbo, so looking for other places. Fun environment key.


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  1. High, medium or low priced? You're in the midst of so many great places.
    Otto, Babbo, Camaje (cheep, cheerful and delicious), Jane, Il Buco, Five Points..the list will keep continuing around every corner. But this should be a good start.

    1. Near Dag/class: Dosa Cart on the south side of Washington Square, Grey Dog, Joe's Pizza, Amy's Bread, Murray's Cheese (the sandwiches in the front).

      Near Mercer: Chipotle on 8th, Bite (Bleecker and Lafayette), Great Jones, Five Points for brunch or dinner, Caracas (not at all near Mercer, but great arepas and worth the walk).

      Not Food: I guess you should probably study this year, but the next two will be a joke; have as much fun as possible. A partner walked into my office this year, looked at my computer screen, and said "Being a young lawyer is the worst fucking thing in the world." So soak it up.

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