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Feb 10, 2006 01:51 PM

Where to buy Galangal, Kaffir Lime Leaves

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Where can I buy galangal and kaffir lime leaves (fresh, not frozen)? Is there any supermarkets that sell this in either the south bay or peninsula?


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  1. I've seen the leaves at Whole Foods, and at the Alemany Farmer's Market.

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      Don't know if it's any help, but here's a previous thread:

      I had a *very* similar problem several months ago, but can't find my post. I needed kaffir lime leaves on the Peninsula, and someone suggested I try a market in Redwood City near Costco. Sure enough they had them. I wish I could remember the name. Maybe it starts with an "M"? Or maybe it's because it's on Middlefield that I'm thinking that...

    2. May Wah on Clement St in San Francisco should have both.

      1. Ranch 99 is usually a good bet. Other than that, the list below gives sources for SE Asian ingredients throughout the Bay Area.


        1. Grow your own kaffir lime tree. I bought one from Home Depot and keep it in a container. Cut leaves whenever you need it. It's great and the juice from the wrinkly lime is amazing, great for marinades and salad dressing.

          1. Sigona's Farmer's Market on Middlefield Road in Redwood City (across from Costco).

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              That's the one. They had an amazing nut selection as well.

              In other news I noticed that a bunch of cilantro costs $3.99 at Safeway and 89 cents at Trader Joe's.

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                I was looking at Safeway cilantro yesterday and it was not $3.99. More like 99 cents. Maybe you were looking at the organic section?

                1. re: KathyR

                  Possibly, but I remember it being apart from that section. I looked around pretty thoroughly on Monday and it was the only fresh cilantro I found.