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Aug 25, 2007 12:28 PM

Wallace, North Carolina

Friends of ours just moved from New Jersey to Wallace. ..As a housewarmng gift, we want to get them a gift certif to an upscale restaurant in and around that area. Anybody have any suggestion?

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  1. Wow, can you say "culture shock"?! Wilmington is probably going to be the closest place with any upscale restaurants. Wallace is a tiny town.

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      I was just about to ask, "Where the heck is Wallace?" :-)

    2. I did a google search and Wallace has a population of approx. 3500 people. Very small, quaint. You might want to reconsider your housewarming gift. A suggestion might me a basket of gourmet goodies that they will definitely have a tough time finding locally. Or look to the closet cities of Wilmington or Fayetteville.

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        A gift basket is a great idea. A Southern Season, located in the Triangle, makes and ships some fabulous gift baskets with local NC products.


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          Yes, that will be quite the culture shock indeed. The ONLY place even REMOTELY "upscale" would be the Country Squire Inn in Kenansville about 30 minutes away. Your best bets are in Wilmington about an hour-plus away.

      2. Thank you for the replies......We are going to go with the Gift basket.

        1. There is one place to recommend called The Mad Boar. Nice bar, very good food in the restaurant.
          I have only been there for lunches or after golf sessions at the bar but the food is very good up there.
          It's next to River Landing golf course, maybe 5 minutes from "downtown" Wallace.

          I was in Wallace this afternoon and there are several Latin restaurants that I had not noticed previously,. probably due to the influx of Mexican workers in the Wallace areal Haven't tried any though

          Wilmington NC

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            Yes, The Mad Boar is by orders of magnitude the best bet around Wallace. Sort of a hidden gem.

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              Thank you for the compliments about the restaurant! You have the hidden gem right:-)

              Lisa Hughes

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              Thank You Steve! I hope you are still enjoying the restaurant. We really do appreciate your response and the compliments about the Mad Boar!

              Lisa Hughes

            3. Hello, my name is Lisa Hughes, Front of the House Manager of Mad Boar Restaurant in Wallace. I hope your friends are still in the Wallace area. If they are, let them know to ask for me at the restaurant and I will make sure they are well taken care of!