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Aug 25, 2007 12:27 PM

Help with reservation at L'Ambroise

I am attempting to make a reservation at L'Ambroise for the end of Sept.
Have googled every mention of name, but can't find their site, or even a site that gves a fax or e-mail address.
Could contact the Intercontinental Paris to do it for us, but thought someone here might know.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. L'Ambroisie doesn't have a website nor do they handle FAX requests or email requests. Telephone or writing seem to be the only options. I've found that it is MOST difficult in obtaining a reservation for dinner. Lunch is no problem.

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    1. re: PBSF

      Much appreciated PBSF
      Couldn't understand why the problem.
      I will contact my hotel.
      The concierge at the Intercontinental (Rue Scribe) is very helpful.

    2. Reservation for dinner is usually one to three months in advances, but I madee most of my meals there on last minute calls, thanks to last minute cancellations. In addition, there seems to be alternative circuits, and hotel concierges are likely to be part of it. Also, I have heard that some regular are considered friends of the House and can more easily get a table -- just a rumour.

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      1. re: souphie

        Many people forget about the concierge services.
        We have had very good luck, when asking them to make the reservations for us.
        On the other hand, at many hotels the concierege will direct you to restaurants where they receive kickbacks.
        At our favourite hotel in Bangkok, I have literally wanted to follow the guest, and say "don't go there", after hearing the suggestions.
        So, unless you are familiar with the hotel, I do suggest researching your restaurant choices, and not requesting options.

        1. re: erly

          We are staying at a hotel for two nights and then on to an apt. in the 7th for two weeks. Will the concierge be offended or upset if we ask then to make reservations for just a few of the days we will be in the apt. and no longer a guest in their hotel.

          1. re: parisbully

            what do you care ?;-)

            Serisously, no he won't. But calling l'Ambroisie directly can't hurt either.

          2. re: erly

            I've never asked a concierge to make reservations, partly because I feel ignorant about how much of a tip I should give him for that. What would you consider a standard tip for that service?

            1. re: ccferg

              You tip the concierge at the end of the trip.
              Tip depends upon how much you use his/their services.... and the length of your stay.
              In Paris we give about 50E, ( one week stay), but we use the services for many things, including restaurants, directions, cabs on a rainy day when the doorman can't summon one, etc.
              For a short stay 20E would be sufficient.
              Souphie, I don't call the restaurants myself for the same reason as parisbully.
              My French is fragmented, and there is a snobbery within France, and especially Paris if even the accent is incorrect.
              I find it far better to speak English, than attempting to speak French.

              1. re: erly

                Thanks, that's helpful. I find speaking a second language on the phone particularly tricky because you don't have the body language to fall back on. And when it's a reservation, you really want to be sure you've communicated the right time, date, etc. I'll definitely take greater use of the concierge in the future.