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Aug 25, 2007 12:11 PM

What happened to Pepe Rosso?

I live near the Avenue C location of Pepe Rosso (i do not like their other locations, food was better here), so i used to go every other week since they opened 2 or 3 years ago because it was cheap and reliable when i wasn't in the mood for cooking on a weekday. I just asked which pasta was fresh made that day (you cannot eat penne there because they don't make it and is not good but the papardelle and the fetuccini were homemade and not bad) and ordered it with there vodka pancetta sauce or their pesto which was very tasty. But lately (lately = the last 6 months) it's been pretty bad, the portions are smaller, the sauces have watered down, the prices are higher, the pasta is not as al dente as it was, i gave them like 8 chances (because is next door and cheap) but the experience is the same. Has anyone had the same experience or is it just me? Maybe no one liked it since the beginning and I was delusional and blinded by my own desire to have a cheap kind of fast-but-good food place near?

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  1. Hi there - I'm new to the neighborhood and have tried it once, with the same experience. I loved pepe verde, and was so excited to see a pepe rosso so close to our new place, so I was pretty disappointed. I ordered delivery... the penne with the vodka pancetta sauce (I had no idea they made any of their pastas fresh there). I found it very watery and not the portion size you'd expect in the foil container size they used (that they definitely do fill up at the hudson st location).
    I was thinking I'd give it a second chance, since I do see people sitting outside eating there all the time... but maybe not now that I read your post.

    Have you tried the pasta at Bite Me, the pizza / pasta / salad place across the ave near 9th? So far I've just tried a slice of sicilian, which was very good, tho maybe a bit expensive.