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Aug 25, 2007 11:56 AM

Excellent dinner at Sir Winston's in Long Beach

Last night we had dinner at Sir Winston's on board The Queen Mary. Not only was the food outstanding but the atmosphere was formal like a fine dining restaurant should be. It reminded me of the restaurants I grew up with when you were going out for a really special night--a lamp on each table, dark wood interior, attentive wait staff, no cell phones going off, no obnoxious loud guests cracking jokes, and everyone was dressed up.

For a starer we got escargot in a puff pastry with tarragon and garlic, which was very nice. We both had rack of lamb encrusted with mustard. You can check out the menu online at for more details of the ingredients but the lamb was cooked perfectly as ordered, was tender and delicously seasoned. The lamb was exceptional.

The staff was formal yet friendly, attentive and informative. The view was perfect--the marina and city lights.

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