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Aug 25, 2007 11:31 AM

Reservations via email for Armando al Pantheon?

Has anyone made a dinner reservations for Armando al Pantheon via email? Did you re-confirm once you got to Rome? I'm curious whether or not this will work.

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  1. its a trattoria
    weve always just walked in, at lunchtime

    but everybody has a website now
    so you could give it a try

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      I'm looking at dinnertime instead of lunchtime. That's why I'm curious about reservations. It's close to my hotel, so I can get there and eat before I crash from jetlag :-)

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        I was able to make my reservation with email. Fabrizio replied within a few hours. I'm leaving for my trip in a couple of hours. I'll write up a mini-review when I get home.

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          1. reservations are a good thing here! they open for dinner at 7:30 and there were people, with reservations, lined up outside to get in! By far one of our favorite spots to eat!!!

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              the online menu looks amazing! what is the cost if you eat off of the menu tavola? I hope it's in our price range ($30pp)!

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                I just got back last night from my travels to Italy. I'm so glad that I made that reservation for Armando - it was full the entire night, and I had an 8pm reservation. People were being turned away, and that was a Thursday night. It's small - like 12 tables. It was an utterly divine dinner. I was by myself, and I was treated well. It's not a formal place, but very friendly. A lively staff kept my entertained just by watching them work. My entire bill was 41 Euro, and that was for the bread basket, 1/2 bottle of Monteverde wine, one bruschetta appetizer (easily the best I've had - the olive oil used was very good tasting), then the tagliatelli with asparagus and strawberries (not on the menus, but it was recommended here by a fellow chowhounder), the chef's hazelnut cake with a ricotta and strawberry jam filling (when I saw it sitting on the counter next to me, I knew I had to have a slice for dessert!!) and a cafe. I'll say that every food item that passed by me on the way to other tables looked good, too. I did not feel that I was overcharged for anything. It was the perfect restaurant for the beginning of my trip. I was going to thank everyone who recommended the place.