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Reservations via email for Armando al Pantheon?

Has anyone made a dinner reservations for Armando al Pantheon via email? Did you re-confirm once you got to Rome? I'm curious whether or not this will work.

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  1. its a trattoria
    weve always just walked in, at lunchtime

    but everybody has a website now
    so you could give it a try

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      I'm looking at dinnertime instead of lunchtime. That's why I'm curious about reservations. It's close to my hotel, so I can get there and eat before I crash from jetlag :-)

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        I was able to make my reservation with email. Fabrizio replied within a few hours. I'm leaving for my trip in a couple of hours. I'll write up a mini-review when I get home.

    2. reservations are a good thing here! they open for dinner at 7:30 and there were people, with reservations, lined up outside to get in! By far one of our favorite spots to eat!!!

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        the online menu looks amazing! what is the cost if you eat off of the menu tavola? I hope it's in our price range ($30pp)!

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          I just got back last night from my travels to Italy. I'm so glad that I made that reservation for Armando - it was full the entire night, and I had an 8pm reservation. People were being turned away, and that was a Thursday night. It's small - like 12 tables. It was an utterly divine dinner. I was by myself, and I was treated well. It's not a formal place, but very friendly. A lively staff kept my entertained just by watching them work. My entire bill was 41 Euro, and that was for the bread basket, 1/2 bottle of Monteverde wine, one bruschetta appetizer (easily the best I've had - the olive oil used was very good tasting), then the tagliatelli with asparagus and strawberries (not on the menus, but it was recommended here by a fellow chowhounder), the chef's hazelnut cake with a ricotta and strawberry jam filling (when I saw it sitting on the counter next to me, I knew I had to have a slice for dessert!!) and a cafe. I'll say that every food item that passed by me on the way to other tables looked good, too. I did not feel that I was overcharged for anything. It was the perfect restaurant for the beginning of my trip. I was going to thank everyone who recommended the place.

      2. I am not able to access the web site. Would you please provide the email address?

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        1. I just returned & while I love,love,love Armado's (Mario the waiter is engaged to co-owner/chef Claudio's daughter who also waits tables), my new favorite is La Fiammetta (named for Cesare Borgia's mistress). Eggplant parmiagano is the most incredible I've ever tasted. They serve pizza at lunch (rarity) and dinner & it's heavenly. Everything is baked in their wood-fired ovens. Mainly Italian clientele. WONDERFUL!! It's immediately around the corner from the Genio Hotel (north-east of Navona & Tiber). Seek this one out! Simply divine.

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            How do the prices compare (between Armando's and Fiammetta)?

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              Fiammetta is less....3.5 euro for insalata mista; 8 euro for eggplant parmiagiano; 10 euro for pizzas. I truly think their food is way better at Fiammetta.

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                  Will be celebrating my travel companions birthdays while in Rome, would you suggest either one of these places for a celebration dinner? Any other recommendations is Armandos or La Fiammetta do not fit the bill? Thanks in advance.

            2. I made a reservation yesterday for October 22 and when I checked my e-mail this morning there was a confirmation from Fabrizio for my reservation-the e-mail address is info@armandoalpantheon.it

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                Order their pasta w/asparagus & tiny wild strawberries not on the menu; roasted potatoes are exquisite, as are their lamb chops. Try to meet Claudio--he's delightful.

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                  If you had a choice of a night (dinner) in Bologna or Florence, which would you prefer? Any recommendations for Bologna?

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                    Trattoria Serghei, Via Piella 12, M-F, homemade pasta,porl loin slow cooked in milk, zucchine stuffed w/meat.
                    Trattoria Gigina, Via Stendahl 1, closed Sat., tagliatelle al ragu (sublime), lasagne verdi, tortelloni, all pastas are wonderful.
                    Tratoria Sostanza, Via del Porcellana 25, M-F, since 1869. pollo al burro.
                    Trattoria Bibe, Via delle Bagnese 15,