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Basil T's Red Bank - Thoughts?

It has been a while since I have been there and have heard good things. I plan on going tonight and like the fact that they are also a microbrewery.

Has anyone been there as of late and if so, what were your thoughts and recommendations?


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  1. Hello Yankeefan - I never liked the Red Bank Basil T's and think there are much better choices in the area. Sorry.

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      What bgut1 said. I've only been there once, but it didn't blow my skirt up. I wouldn't go back.

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        Agree with all assesssments of Basil T's.

        "but it didn't blow my skirt up".....never heard this expression before....yours?

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          Unfortunately I can't take credit for that one, but I'm not sure who said it first...possibly Bette Davis, Mae West, or Golda Meir. :)

    2. Liked the original Basil T's; find the latest quite boring. The microbrews can be a fun experience unto themselves, so pls share your experience.

      1. Last time i was there was about 2 years ago. Lousy service and really mediocre food. Not a spot I would go back to; although the bar scene was really happening.

        1. So here is my feedback from my visit:

          Pizzas were nice and crispy- enjoyed them.
          Calamari was pretty good as well
          Beers were not great for microbrews, pretty run of the mill.

          NOT WORTH THE PRICE!!! Could have gotten the same quality stuff a lot of different places for literally half the price. I dont mind paying a lot for a meal but based on what I got there, it was a little ridiculous.

          1. Basil Ts, the Red Bank institution where you're gonna pay a lot, and not get a lot.

            IMO their beers are terrible and food overpriced. It's one of those places where every time I go I find myself asking why.

            1. I know I'm resurrecting an old topic here, but I had to share my Basil T's (Red Bank) experience from the weekend.

              Being Valentine's weekend, I figured a reservation couldn't hurt. I arrived at 750 for my 800 reservation and was told that they were still waiting to seat their 730 reservations. So I went to the bar and had a mediocre beer. (Not terrible, but didn't really stand apart from other mediocre microbrews). Finally got seated at 840.

              Took a good 10 minutes to get a waitress. After taking our orders, the waitress came back after about 10 minutes and said that it would be at least half an hour because the kitchen was backed up and we could order a salad to share if we like (note, she didn't OFFER a salad to keep us happy, she told us we could BUY a salad).

              When the food arrived, it was good. No complaints in the food department.

              When the check came, the real fun started...I had a $50 gift card that I used for the $41 check (two entrees, waters to drink). The waitress took the gift card and returned a few mins later, "My manager ran this through for the full $50, if you would like to just leave the rest as the tip, that's fine".

              "I'm sorry?" I said.

              She repeated herself, "if you would like to leave the rest as a tip, I'm ok with that". Well of course you are! That's more than a 20% tip! I politely told her that I would like the change, please.

              Taking into account the long wait, the expensive food, and the average-at-best service, I was shocked. Even if it had been the best meal I had ever had with the friendliest and most attentive service in the world, I would still be very offended if the staff, manager or waiter, were to presume that I would leave that much of a tip.

              It was a very disappointing overall experience.

              1. place was better when they didn't take themselves so seriously. there were burgers and in general more casual food and atmosphere that focused on the microbrews and comfort food... granted, the microbrew craze has cooled, but they have a lot of nerve charging what they are for the food they are turning out... not impressed on a visit about 8 mos. ago... actually, disappointed is a better word... and slow/sloppy service (getting one entree out when the two apps were on the table, telling the other they'd have to wait was just the start of it)... WILL not go back, and from what I hear, I don't have to worry about going to Undici. Too bad, because the coffee and baked goods at Zebu are really not so bad...

                1. I moved to Red Bank three years ago and tried Basil T's for the first time this weekend. Ugh. Worst. Food. Ever. $80 for a beet salad, margherita pizza, chicken pasta, and one beer. The beer was ok, the cheese on the pizza was scant. It was way overcooked, which nuked whatever flavor there was. The pasta was undercooked and way too firm. Thumbs way down for this place.

                  That being said, Chowhound rocks. Zagat's reviews on Basil T's has a bunch of trendy, taste-bud challenged tools that do nothing but gush about this cesspool.

                  1. Hi, as with everyone else, I cannot in good conscience recommend this place. Service: A few of waitresses are rude and have an attitude, if you do go, see if you can get one of the waiters. The waiters are much better but seem to be more interested in selling you the wine bottle that is on the table than anything else. Food: Bland and expensive. You may be better off buying Barilla and Ragu and eating at home. Also, do not stray from the menu. I have had to eat there because my in-laws like the place. As a vegan, there is nothing on the menu I can eat so I have to ask if certain items can be left off of a menu item. Last time we were there, I requested that the vegetable panini be made without cheese or pesto. The waiter said he had to ask the manager. So, after much deliberation, I received rock hard bread and soggy vegetables. Guess since it is normally covered in cheese, no one could complain. Anyway, I think if you do a search on Red Bank, you will find much better recommendations from other Chowhound posters. No one on this site has steered me wrong yet.