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Aug 25, 2007 10:44 AM

Mauviel vs. All Clad

So I am trying to make a decision with my head and not my heart.... have a few questions before I register for copper or stainless steel?

Bear with me by the way, I know Fred and Wilma just posted a similar topic, but my concerns are the exact opposite of theirs!

I am a lover of food with beginner skills. I adore the look of copper and the idea of having it forever. I have done research on the difference between the metals and have come to the conclusion that copper is the best way to go... however price and care are concerns for me.

I am just trying to get my mind around just how high maintenence Mauviel is? How high maintenance is the tin lining? Specifics here please...

For someone who is not a professional cook, is it more reasonable to go with the competant and affordable All Clad? Perhaps I should go with a Mauviel sautee pan and all rest All Clad? I am a vegetarian so I cook a lot of grains, tofu, veggies.


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  1. Mauviel also makes stainless-steel lined pans. I have several of these, they are the only pans I use on a regular basis. No maintenance required.

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      very cool. are they dishwasher safe?

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        Copper cookware in a dishwasher is usually a big no-no. Corrosion is your enemy...

        Take a look at -- they're the inventors of the copper/stainless laminated bi-metal also used by Mauviel and Bourgeat, and Falk's brushed exterior is easier to maintain than the polished exteriors of the latter...

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          OT: is this the same Joe Blowe who took on findabargin on the GW/THS Cookware forum? If yes, waving hi (hint: I'm under a different user name there with a flaming Danby)!

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            Jessy, are you insinuating my real name is not Joe Blowe?!



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              ROFL Joe you are SO BUSTED now that I know you are in LA you are going to be dragged to one of the Cooking Forum get-togethers bwahahaa

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            This is true, but there is no reason to use the dishwasher -- I never do. The insides are easy to clean by hand, and I don't care how well-used the outsides look.

      2. Two considerations:

        -- Tin eventuallly wear off, requiring re-tinning.
        -- It will take elbow grease to keep copper as shiny as it is in those magazine photos.

        I have a stainless steel-lined copper pan myself, and don't worry about rthe appearance.

        1. I agree with going stainless steel versus tin lined copper. Try also to get iron handles rather than brass, since brass gets too hot while cooking. If you don't have the option to get iron handles at the store at which you will be registering, try looking on-line. Bridge Kitchenware offers brass and iron handles, and both tin and stainless steel lined, so you need to be really specific or you will end up with the wrong item. If you want to display your copper, you are going to have to handwash and occasionally polish the outsides. One round in the dishwasher will just ruin the finish. I suggest also taking a look at Falk -- they have their own website. Best copper out there, IMO. You can see them in use on Tyler Florence's show.

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            If you get them with iron handles, you really can't put them in a dishwasher!

            1. re: wally

              You are not supposed to put any copper in the dishwasher if you want to keep the finish, regardless of what kind of handles. I wanted to make sure that the OP was aware that brass handles, as nice as they look on copper pots, get hot. I've had the blisters to provie it. You can put most any kind of stainless steel in the dishwasher -- perhaps you thought I was referring to SS?

            2. re: RGC1982

              Agree. The only downside to Falk is that it is really heavy. My wife has a hard time with it even when empty. But it is the best IMO. I also have about 8 pieces of legion cookware. My 30 year old pans are much heavier that the new stuff, but it is still quality stuff. They don't sell through stores. It used to be professional ware only, now you can check their website. Also, I have two tinned cooper pieces. Had to take the last one with me to Oakland from NYC on a business trip to get it redone. DON'T buy cooper with tin lining, and stay away from brass handles, and anything laquered. IMO buy one good 10" saute pan, a generic set, and buy a good piece every year or two, and throw out the cheap stuff as you go.

            3. I've been cooking with All Clad for many years, but I've got to say - my heavy new copper saute pans, from Mazzetti in Montepulciano, cook like nothing I've ever owned: even heat, perfect browning, almost surreally good sauteed vegetables. I'm a recent convert, and I haven't yet experienced the pain of retinning, but I've been wondering why I waited so long.

              1. Make sure you stock up on Bar Keepers friend no matter which way you go. I don't have non-stick, so it is the best thing for cleaning my All Clad. I also considered copper, but chose against it for practicality. But I will surely someday switch to copper for all the reasons listed. Hopefully you are planning on displaying if you get copper-it is so beautiful!