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Aug 25, 2007 09:55 AM

40th Birthday Party, Private Rooms?

My husband is turning 40 this October. We live in San Francisco and are coming to Chicago for the weekend with ~25 of his closest friends. We're planning to go to the Notre Dame/USC football game on Saturday. On Friday night I'd love to host a birthday party at a really fun restaurant who has a private room. Does anyone have any recommendations? I was thinking aigredoux would be a great place? We're looking for great food and good ambience. Thanks!

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  1. The problem with aigredoux is that it can get VERY loud inside. Can you elabourate more on what type of food you'd like at what price point?

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      1. If you like sushi, Kamehachi on Wells has a great private dining area (I think seats about 10-20). The ambience is fun, cozy and authentic and the food is great

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          Sorry, I didn't read your entire post. I meant to say that I'm not sure of the room capacity at Kamehachi- I think it seats around 20, but I'm not sure

        2. If you are staying near O'Hare Cafe la Cave has a private dining room option.

          1. I think Brasserie Jo is fun for things like this. They do have private rooms, and since it's already a loud sort of place, parties don't feel stifled. They have wine, beer, food that works well as shared appetizers, etc. Also, Iberico has private rooms and is a lot of fun.

            Brasserie JO
            59 W. Hubbard St., Chicago, IL 60610

            Cafe Iberico
            737 N Lasalle Drive, Chicago, IL 60654