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Aug 25, 2007 09:28 AM

box lunch for a small group in brighton

I need some ideas on where to get a healthy non pizza, sub, or fried food ect. lunch for a group of 5- 8 people. Pick up or delivery is fine the most important things are variety and healthy options. We are located on market st. in brighton places that offer lunch as well as dinner would be a plus as we some times work into the night.

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  1. Fill up a few containers at Cafe Belo, Brazilian buffet sold by the pound, $5.99, eat-in on plates or take-out in styrofoam cartons. Take various dishes in each container so you don't tip the all-meat surcharge. Lay in some paper plates. The rotisseries usually get going around 6pm, but there's protein on the buffet line all the time. Plenty of salads, veggies, etc. Have a look around.

    181 Brighton St.
    Google Cafe Belo Brighton for multiple reviews, etc.

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      Good idea.

      Reef Cafe would be another really good option for non-fried healthy food.

      Reef Cafe
      170 Brighton Ave
      Link below to Boston Menu pages online version of menu available to look at at

      although daily on board specials too, usually including some veggie heavy ones, and I've been offered things there I've never seen actually listed (like a pumpkin moussaka that was wonderful) so it might be worth calling to discuss before ordering

      And if by no fried food you mean no *fried* food vs eliminating all stir fried options, I've always been very fond of the lunch specials at Bamboo at 1616 Commonwealth
      in large part because of the wonderful bunch of perfectly crisp tender non-greasy lightly cooked mixed veggies that come with them (witha bit of peanut sauce drizzled on top) as a side option. I even love the cauliflower and am not usually a fan. The grilled garlic pork is one of my favorites on the lunch special section. especially with a bit of srirachi on top

    2. You should try a small caterer. a lot of companies are slow the week before labor day, and might fit you in last minute.