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Aug 25, 2007 08:17 AM

Wilber's - Cooking BBQ Only Twice a Week?

Just got back from a trip to NC, had to stop in at Wilber's of course, and the sandwich, while good, wasn't great, even after adding my usual "saver" - salt. My brother says that it could be that it was from an "older" batch of 'cue, as Wilber has decided to fire up the smoke house only twice a week. True?

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  1. I was fairly disappointed in my experience at Wilber's a couple of weeks ago. This might explain it.

    I expected to have something sublime and I would agree. Good, not great.

    1. Dang, that would explain why the Q at Wilber's on Saturday evening was so blah (and perhaps why the place was only 1/3rd full at 5:30). It was mushy & really vinegary-tasting, as if it had been sitting around in the sauce for too long (or maybe they kept adding sauce to moisten it).

      We did 4 BBQ restaurants in one afternoon this weekend, and I'll post the highlights in another thread, but for what it's worth, McCall's (just down 70 across the road from Wilber's) was packed, and as I was ordering my pound-to-go at the takeout window (at around 6:15) the word came out that they'd run out of BBQ. I guess I'd take that as a sign of popularity.

      I didn't eat the McCall's when it was hot (I had the reheated carryout for lunch yesterday) but based on a head-to-head taste-test of the reheated carryout, McCall's was the winner.

      The BBQ books say that McCall's is a buffet setup with seafood, and they warn that the BBQ on the buffet is going to be lousy. Apparently you can order off the menu, though. Certainly the takeout I got was first-rate.