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Aug 25, 2007 08:13 AM

Good oriental grocery?

Anyone know of a good oriental market in the Chadds Ford/Wilmington area?

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  1. there are several asian markets (mostly Korean I believe, but they sell other stuff) on Kirkwood Hwy.. furthest North I think is in the same shopping plaza with Value City (over near Happy Harry's). One of the best Asian groceries I have been to on the East Coast (seriously, including NY and Philly Chinatowns) is down in Newark, kind of behind the Co-op. But that's a bit away from you.

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      also, you should ask on the mid-atlantic board if you haven't already.

    2. You might want to use the term "Asian" not Oriental.

      If you Google "Asian vs Oriental" you'll find that it's a hot button topic.