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Aug 25, 2007 07:19 AM

Going Out To Montauk-good food recs please

Will be out there end Sept/Oct--what is good to eat and experience???

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  1. My wife and I this past winter stopped and ate at St Peter's Catch on S Erie and enjoyed both the fried fish and fries.The fellow in charge that day offered free samples and while the temps outside were single digit it was cozy with warm hospitality inside.Oh and prices were good being its a seafood market with tables

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      1. re: scunge

        thanks--this rec sounds great--keep the recs coming please--I especially adore breakfast and fish and chips-yum

      2. Dave's Grill, Harvest.

        1. Hopefully you're going on the weekend, because they'll all start closing for a few days during the week after Labor Day.
          If you want casual and great seafood, try: Montaukett, Duryeas, The Dock or O'Murphys.
          For atmosphere plus bar scene, try Cyrils or Nicks.
          Upscale, try Inlet (East Lake Drive, not Gosmans) they have great sushi.
          Breakfast, Bird on the Roof is the best.
          Or are you looking for something special?