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Aug 25, 2007 01:20 AM

Just Moved to Fresno, Need Some reccomendations

i just move to fresno and living on the corner of bullard and fresno st. and am starting my semester at fresno state and i was hoping you guys could give some recommendations to some good restaurants that arent that expensive, since i wont have alot money i would greatly apreciate it. also some good date place. :D

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  1. Here are my recommendations for you. Other Fresno CH'ers will add theirs as well.

    1) Don Pepe's on Blackstone and Gettysburg. It's a hole-in-the-wall and serves the best tacos I've ever had.

    2) If you're not from California, then you may not know about In-n-Out Burger. There's two on Blackstone; one at B'stone and Nees, the other much further south on B'stone, somewhere near Gettysburg, IIRC. My suggestion: Get the double-double "animal style" and, if you like crispier fries, order fries "well done."

    3) Thai food: Thai Royal Orchid, corner of Herndon and First. Excellent service and really good Thai food. Great service, very friendly.

    4) Italian: Luigi's, corner of First and Bullard. A tiny storefront place, but some of the best Italian I've had in Fresno--far superior to Vitucci's or DiCicco's.The service is excellent.

    5) Casa Mariani #2, corner Herndon and Cedar in the shopping mall behind McDonald's. This is a more rustic Italian food than Luigi's. The chef is from Bari, Italy, and his cooking reflects that. Their pasta Bolognese is a dream. Very friendly service; Marlena, one of the owners, is the hostess and will always come by your table to check on you and chat a bit.

    6) Wassabi, corner of Herndon and First (across First from Thai Royal Orchid). Sushi and rolls. Their "Crunch" roll is very good. Lots of tasty, decent-sized rolls for about $5 - $7. Decent service.

    7) DaVinci's. This is okay pizza; not the best, but for $10/pie, regardless of toppings and size, and free delivery, you can't go wrong. Check the phonebook for the nearest one to you.

    8) Sal's Mexican Restaurant, corner Alluvial and Fresno, near Riverpark area and the 41 freeway. Really good Mexican food. Not the most authentic, but when you're hungry and want Mexican, it hits the spot. Service is always good.

    (Note: There is a similarly-named chain called "Bobby Salazars." I do not recommend them, their food tastes factory-made and service is poor.)

    9) Sometimes you want to splurge. Go big at Trelio, in Clovis on Clovis Ave, just north of 5th St. IMNSVHO this is the best food in Fresno. The food is always fresh and the menu features produce grown locally. The owner/chef Mike usually comes out to introduce himself to you and ask how you're doing. The other owner, Chris, is the sommelier and he enjoys talking about wine and he knows his subject very well. Service is superior. You can read my review here:

    1. All good suggestions from KenWritez, try the Carl's Special Fancy Burrito from Sal's, made with the braised ribs, easily good for two meals.

      1. Ken has good suggestions. I'll second the Sal's Fancy Burrito, also I know Wassabi is popular with the Fresno State crowd along with Sushi and Pop at Cedar and Bullard.

        For chicken wings, nachos and burgers I'd also suggest University Chicken across from the Save Mart Center on Shaw. The food is decent and its definitely a Fresno State hangout.

        1. Hi and welcome to Fresno! You've gotten some great suggestions already, especially for Don Pepe's. Here are a few ideas for your college eating experience:

          Tacos Marquitos (on the corner of Barstow and Cedar), caters to the University crowd and if you have your Student I.D. they have a huge Bulldog Burrito for less than $5. Check out the report below for other items worth getting...

          The Doghouse Grill is on Shaw right before the 168. This is a great hangout spot if you like sports, they have giant screen TVs, etc. The favorite here is the ABC Burger with Avocado and Bacon. You will defintely run into lots of other Fresno State students, including potential dates :-).

          I personally haven't been, but there has been good talk about Fajita Fiesta on Shaw and Cedar right by the college, here is the link (also mentions Salsa's Mexican Restaurant):

          Right on the corner of Shaw and Cedar is Uncle Harry's Bagels where you can buy a quick breakfast for pretty cheap.

          At the southeast corner of Herndon and First is a French cafe, Le Parisian Cafe for delicious crepes and pastries. They also do lunch with amazing french fries, sandwiches, and savory crepes.

          Imperial Garden at Blackstone and Sierra is great for dim sum on the weekends (get there early!) and also for lunch/dinner. You can eat there for very cheap especially for dim sum.

          Here is a link to a discussion about poster's top favorite five restaurants that is very interesting:

          Please post back with your opinions and if you have anything you are specifically looking for, maybe we could help out. Good luck this semester!

          Le Parisien Cafe
          1085 E Herndon Ave Ste 101, Fresno, CA 93720

          Tacos Marquitos
          1772 E Barstow Ave, Fresno, CA 93710

          Dog House Grill
          2789 E Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93710

          Fajita Fiesta Mexican Grill
          1713 E Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93710

          Uncle Harry's New York Bagelry
          2780 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93711

          Imperial Garden Restaurant
          6640 N Blackstone Ave Ste 108, Fresno, CA 93710

          1. There is a great place called Tomo's on Bullard and First in the savemart parking lot. They have a wonderful chicken bowl, called a Tomo bowl, Its chicken that has been coated in what seems to be tempura batter (I could be wrong on this) and then put over rice and teriyaki sauce. Its yummy! They also give a discount to State students. I wouldn't reccomend going right at noon, as they get REALLY busy.