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Aug 24, 2007 11:57 PM

hot dog casserole, i dare you!

this recipe was created by my bubby tillie.
in a casserole dish, layer mashed potatoes (she used box dehydrated ones)
layer thinly sliced hot dogs and pour vegetarian vegetable soup over top.
Follow with final layer of mashed potatoeas and bake until bubbly.

this was the ultimate comfort food when we were kids
tell me what you think

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  1. I think it bears a distinct resemblance to one of KFC's Famous Bowls.

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    1. re: inuksuk

      i assure this bears little resemblance to anything from KFC

    2. I grew up with a dish called 'wiener pie'. It's sliced hot dogs in a tomato sauce, topped with cornbread. The flavoring of the tomato sauce could range from the Mexican to the Italian styles. The trickiest part is getting a good balance between the amount of sauce and amount bread. If I'm not careful I end up with cornbread with hot dogs embedded in the base.


      1. I was desperately trying to improve on fat free hot dogs (I know, I know, talk to my dietitian). I sliced them up and fried them with onions, a bit of garlic, and a dab of olive oil. Then I mixed them with B&M baked beans and baked in the oven for a while so the liquid would reduce. I swear, NOTHING will give flavor to fat free hot dogs. Though this recipe would probably be just fine with regular hot dogs. :)

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        1. re: Morganna

          No disrespect to your Bubby Tillie, but that sounds just gross. My hot dog casserole that comforts is macaroni and cheese with hot dogs topped with canned onion rings and baked. That, and a cold glass of milk does it for me.

        2. My mom didn't do a casserole like that, but she did split hot dogs, stuff them with leftover mashed potatoes (REAL ones!), decorate with a few pimentos, and run them under the broiler. I did not particularly approve of the pimentos, but the hot dogs and potato suited me just fine.

          My own secret Comfort Recipe, much like what greenstate gives us, is hot dogs baked in mac'n'cheese - though for me it just about has to be the former Kraft Dinner, with the fluorescent orange "cheese" powder and the straight noodles.

          1. Ahhh, my mother used to make something like this, a gourmand she is not! Hers didn't have the soup, but had cheese on top, it was held together with toothpicks and baked in the oven. I believe they were called hot dog s'mores. The recipe came from Good Housekeeping or something, gotta love the 70's LOL!