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Aug 24, 2007 11:14 PM

Golden Star style burgers downtown?

My husband and I just love the burgers at Golden Star, but now that we live downtown (having moved from Richmond Hill) it is a bit of a trek for burgers, fries, and a shake.

Are there any fans of Golden Star on the board who can recommend a burger place south of Bloor? I'm talking the kind of burger that is home made, with some garlic flavour and a good amount of char. And if the place had battered onion rings that are as good as the Steer Inn on Yonge Street in Richmond Hill, we would be set!

Places we have tried that were disappointing:

Dangerous Dan's (The burger was just big, not tasty)
Sizzlers (Nice to get a burger delivered until 4 am, but it was dry and blah)
Licks (Only a small step up from the Big 3 burger chains to us)
Square Boys (Had some garlic flavour, but no char, and seemed kind of off, bad fries)
Hero (Tasted exactly like the so so Harveys Angus burger but for more money)
Burger Shoppe (small, dry, tasteless burger, strange breaded onion rings)
OK OK Diner (not worth the drive to Leslieville!)

I have read good things about Burger Shack on Eglinton West but thought I would check with the Chowhounds first!

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  1. Yes, Burger Shack is the way to go. It's north of Bloor, but definitely worth the drive.

    Actually, we had a burger craving last night and got take out home banquet burgers and fries from Burger Shack; EXCELLENT meal.

    I really only enjoy thin, jughead style burgers. The only burgers I eat are the ones from places like Burger Shack, Golden Star and Jonny's - you know the type I'm talking about. The exception is Allan's, which are thicker but still really good.

    Most restaurants and bad burger places advertise that their burgers are big and thick to elicit the feeling that you are getting lots of great stuff, but, they are invariably dry and tasteless. Like somehow big and thick means flavourful and juicy.

    1. Allen's on Danforth & Pape is your best bet. This coming from a long time GS fan.

      Beer Bistro serves a decent burger w/ options such as Guinness aged cheddar. Certainly more upscale than GS's formica ethos. Located at King & Yonge.

      1. I can see you have excellent taste- as a former Thornhiller I have much love for both Golden Star and Steer Inn. I highly recommend the following for a classic burger:

        1) People's Foods(176 Dupont St at St George) good Shakes and home made onion rings too! It is a bit north of Bloor, but you need to go.
        2) Detroit Eatery (389 Danforth Av at Chester)


        1. Again, above Bloor but The Homeway on Mt. P above Eglinton is a fantastic burger. Cooked to order too. A hint of rosemary which is really nice.
          Not really like GS but a great burger none the less. I used to work at the CT gas bar across the street and have had very many. Good stuff.

          I noticed you tried HSB. My condolences. What a joke that place is.


          1. Thanks for all the suggestions!

            We tried Burger Shack tonight - the onion rings were excellent, and the burgers and fries were the best we have tried downtown so far - not quite as good as Golden Star but it is a lot closer.

            We will definitely have to try Allen's... haven't been there for years, and it was always for beer, so I am glad to hear it is a good place to have burgers - that is definitely the next stop and we will make sure not to do take out.

            We have been to People's Foods but had breakfast there - sounds like we will have to make a trip in the future to try their burger.

            With all these suggestions we will have a few more burger stops and will hopefully be able to find our new local favourite.

            Thanks to all!

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            1. re: LovelyAsia

              Allen's is not a "burger joint" kind of burger. It is thick and best ordered on the rare side. It is also pricey (though not much more so than the hockey pucks at the Burger Shoppe). A burger & fries is about $12.

              1. re: LovelyAsia

                My husband and I have been on a burger quest in our surrounding area since our favourtie - Mark's Steak Queen (which we incidentally discovered had moved to the east side when we drove by it by chance about a year ago... Does anyone know if it is still there?) became Banjara. So far People's is our favourite. Good fries and gravy, too.