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Aug 24, 2007 10:29 PM

I'd like to jazz up some white rice

There has to be some creative ways to flavor otherwise boring steamed white rice. Jasmine, basmati, uncle ben's, minute rice ... it doesn't matter. I'd like some ideas on how to liven up this starch and have it look appealing on the plate and tasty on the palate. Vegetables perhaps? Stocks? Seeds? Dried fruits? PLMK. TIA.

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  1. This Barefoot Contessa recipe is pretty simple and people always love it.

      1. I made boogiebaby's Punjabi rice and it was easy and delicious.
        - see post of Aug 13, 2007 07:53PM in this thread on Indian rice:

        I have also been making Lemon Rice for years. Sauté sliced green onions & chopped celery in butter until soft but not brown. Add rice - I use basmati - and sauté for another minute. Add chicken stock, lemon zest, lemon juice & salt, and cover & cook until done. Let sit for a few minutes after done, fluff with for and mix w/chopped parsley. Enjoy!

        1. cook it up in chicken stock instead of water.

          Add whatever herbs/spices will go well with your entree to the cooking water/stock.

          But, the problem is rice cooked in a jazzed up method can't be made into rice pudding. ;) I always make extra rice for making into pudding (or something) later.

          1. When I roast chicken (on a Zuni chicken kick right now), I add garlic cloves the last half hour of cooking. I save some of the chicken fat/juices and garlic. After cooking white rice, I'll add some of that to it w/ lots of roasted garlic.