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Aug 24, 2007 10:17 PM

Guava Nectar in Calgary

Does anyone know where I can find guava nectar, not juice, in Calgary? I had some while in Hawaii and utterly loved it.

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  1. Aren't "nectar" and "juice" the same thing?

    Jumex guava "nectar" is available all over town.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      Apparently it's not. We were served nectar one morning and juice the next and the former was much lighter tasting, and pink, than the orange-coloured juice. Maybe there's only a certain amount of juice in the nectar?
      Anyhow, I looked at Safeway and Sobey's and couldn't find any; do you know which stores carry it?

    2. Try an East Indian grocer they may have it.

      1. nectar and juice definitely aren't the same thing... having said that, the "nectars" commonly found here aren't of the same thick, unctuous consistency as the ones in Hawaii and Asia. I am not a huge fan of the stuff, but my father is, and I think that he buys it at ASian grocery stores, like T&T. I have seen the western brands at Community Foods & PLanet Organic. good luck!

        1. I often see guava and other nectars at ethnic food stores. Try a middle eastern or Asian grocer, even Italian deli.

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          1. re: victoriafoodie

            Thanks everyone. I found some Hero brand guava nectar at Planet Organic, I think Sunterra also carries it.

            1. re: Jasz

              i'm pretty sure the midtown co-op has the Hero brand also, at the back end fridge b/w the produce section and pasta aisle.