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Where to find loquats in LA?

Thanks to the hounds, I was able to identify a fruit that my daughter knew only by sight, and that she has only eaten when she lived in the Middle East...


so, now that she is back in the states, she'd love to find a source for it in LA. Can you suggest farmers markets or other places she might look when it comes back into season, which I understand is in the late Spring?

She lives near Staples now, but will shortly be moving to Westwood, so west side suggestions particularly welcome. Thanks!

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  1. My friend's back yard....really! You may try 99 Ranch Market (nearest one in Van Nuys) when in season.

    1. they are all over the place on the street and in peoples yards. When I go for walks in Pasadena, I will grab some off of the trees I pass

      1. ah, loquats! great fruit. unfortunately, not easy to find here and even more difficult to find good ones.

        when in season, i occasionally see them at the wednesday santa monica farmers market. i've seen them on occasion at one or more whole foods (where they're usually overpriced and not very good). i believe you can find them at numerous armenian markets in the glendale area. i'm betting you'll find the best tasting ones at places like that. i believe i've also seen them at some israeli & persian markets

        1. Honestly, Susan -- and I'm really not intending to be disingenous here -- her best bet, during loquat season, is to take a walk through any residential neighbourhood. There are hundreds of thousands of loquat trees in SoCal, and most people haven't got the least clue that the loquats are actually edible and, if they do know, they can't eat them fast enough and don't have time to make jam.

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            literally any neighborhood? Guess either she doesn't walk much or her neighborhood near Staples is the exception (knowing her, it could be the former. I never saw a non-LA girl adapt to driving everywhere so fast :-))

            Seriously, any hints as to a good area to walk?

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              There were loquats in all the areas I lived in, but I never lived downtown. My old neighbourhood in the Valley -- near Victory and Coldwater Canyon -- had more loquat trees than I could count, and Santa Monica also stands out in my memory.

          2. From living with loquats on the Gulf Coast, the season was late winter there. Definitely not late spring.

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              The season will vary quite a bit here in So Cal depending on where one lives. The climate zones for crops can vary wildly from the coast to the deserts to the mountains, and from north to south. If you get a chance, take a look at Sunset Publication's climate zone maps for So Cal - it's amazing how many microclimates we have here... :)

            2. Like many have stated already, you'll find loquats at most well-established farmers markets, but also at the Chinese markets as well. Our neighbor has a loquat tree and like Das has mentioned, they don't even touch it for its fruit. Lucky for us the tree leans into our yard.

              If your daughter is going through withdrawals for loquats, she can get a handful of loquat products at places like 99 Ranch.

              1. If she really is planning to walk around harvesting loquats, the side streets between Higuera and National in Culver City are chock-full of huge loquat trees growing over the sidewalks (can't verify if they're currently in season, I haven't walked that way in a couple of months.) We had loquat trees growing up, and used to eat them all of the time. They're really delicious, they don't taste like anything else really. I've never seen them in stores, even the various farmer's markets, good to know they're out there though.

                1. I would suggest posting in loquat season. She would likely get some invitations to pick. I live in that area, have a huge loquat tree and would happily give away as many as anyone wanted to pick when it was fruiting...

                  1. have her print out a picture of what the tree looks like. The leaves are easily identifiable. I have my fave trees and i'm mean - not sharing. But they are all around - and if she can identify the tree, she'll soon see them everywhere
                    They tend to be in older neighborhoods - neighborhoods that were developed between the turn ofthe century and the second world war. common shade and ornamental tree.

                    They are also used on some streets as ornamentals by the sidewalk.

                    There is also a resource for finding fruit trees growing all over LA on public lands/streets, etc. Maybe someone will post the website.

                    good luck to her. She should also learn not to pick them too early. they should have a warm orange color when ripe.
                    (chinese name is Pi-pa, if she goes to a store and they don't have either loquat or medlar posted - yes some call it a kind of medlar).

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                      I think this is the website that Jerome's referring talking about:

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                        I've used this map many times, especially the one in Silverlake. It's great, especially for loquat trees -- there are an endless number of them. And nobody has ever given me a hard time for picking fruit off the trees -- I think they're relieved that someone is taking the fruit before it rots on the ground.