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Aug 24, 2007 07:39 PM

Need Restaurant near Carneros Inn

I would like someplace near the Inn.We have never been to Sonoma and I think it is not too far.. We are eating Pilar in Napa one night and would like something similar if it exists. I have heard mixed reviews on the Farm so I guess we will look elsewhere. I know you all will know the latest.

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  1. I very much like Farm's sister restaurant Boonfly. Search this board (use the link above) for it and other Napa resto choices. Lots of info here and the current buzz on all.

    1. The Inn is pretty much smack in the countryside between Sonoma and Napa, so there is nothing else close by except to go to those towns. However, I liked Farm the two times we've had lunch there, and it's a very pretty room. I'd just stay put, so you don't have to worry about drinking and driving!


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        The Carneros Inn is such a lovely spot that walking back from the Farm or Boonfly at night is part of the experience. I recommend staying put:).

      2. You are staying at the Inn which means you get to eat at the Hilltop Dining Room (which is otherwise private). It is fabulous and highly recommended.

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          when we stayed, we ate at hilltop for dinner and boonfly for breakfast and both were wonderful!! you don't need to move or drive at all......

        2. We are in the wine country at least twice a month, and I have had three meals at the Farm. One lunch, and two dinners. The service was attentive and farm, the decor was pleasing, and the food was delicious, relying on perfectly fresh ingredients. You may also want to consider a visit to the DeRosa Art and Nature Preserve. I think that they still host get togethers on Friday nights.