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Aug 24, 2007 06:48 PM

The Uber Crab Shack

About equidistance between Philly and Baltimore on the eastern bank of the Susquehanna river just before it slides itself into the Chesapeake Bay is Hopkins Crab Shack. If you love hardshell crabs go here. If you don't love hardshell crabs take someone here who does. Do not expect anything typical to any previous restaurant experience; good, bad or otherwise. Expect atmosphere, accommodations and service utterly specific to the nature of Maryland blue crab consumption. The only items on the menu are fresh steamed crabs and shrimp. All seating is outdoors on picnic tables though there is a covered ramshackle pavilion that is apparently available for use. Bring your own gear.

Call ahead to assess the crab supply (410 378 5250).

Location: Route 222 (Susquehanna River Road) a couple miles South of the Conowingo Dam near Conowingo Maryland.

BYOB and BYOC (Bring Your Own Corn -- you shuck it and Jack or Leathery Fred will throw it in the steamer for you)

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  1. What a dozen cost? is there an AYCE option?

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    1. re: Soup

      Last weekend (08/18/07) the #1 males were $23/dozen. They also had jumbo males for $35/dozen and collosals for $45/dozen. I'm not aware of there being an AYCE option.

    2. Be advised, open weekends only, mid-summer thru November or when pipes freeze. Hours depend on crab supply.