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Aug 24, 2007 06:41 PM

Sunday Brunch in Pittsburgh

We get up to Pittsburgh about once a year and always wind up at the Grand Concourse for Brunch. It's a great place but there must be other wonderful restaurants that serve Sunday Brunch. Someone had mentioned that, at one time, you could get a great Sunday Brunch at a banquet facility called Victoria Hall. Are they still serving the general public on Sundays? Any suggestions would be a great help.

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  1. Lidia's. As a matter of fact, there was just a recent post saying that it was a bargain for $20.

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      If you'd like to keep the cost down but the adventure up...check out Zenith on the Southside. Be warned there will be a line and it is 90% vegan, but it's the place to be!

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        The first course or anti-pasta and the desserts are buffett and the main is order off the menu. It's a nice combination for that money. And they don't dummy down the mains. I usually have a hard time picking one.

        And there is Sunnyledge. A totally different experience from the Grand Concourse.

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          Sadly Victoria Hall quit doing brunch three maybe even four years ago. My family likes to go to brunch often and while we do go to Grand Concourse, it's usually more for the ambiance than the food itself. It's certainly not awful, but it's not great either. Out two favorite spots are Lidia's and Max's Allegheny Tavern. Lidia's is $19.50 and includes a blood mary or mimosa as well as coffee and soft drinks. Max's is German and they have a nice $10.95 brunch.

          If you want something new and great, go to Lidia's, you won't be disappointed.

      2. Too bad Dish on the southside doesn't do brunch. I would have suggested there :(

        1. Not as fancy as the Grand Concourse, but try Pamela's in the Strip or Double Wide Grille on the Southside. Fun to eat outside at both places

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            Casbah has a great prix fixe brunch for $22. Includes an app, a cocktail, and a main course. We were there this Sunday and had a great meal-- eggs benedict with proscuitto, creamy sweet polenta with nuts and berries. a scallop scramble, and a potato gnocchi with figs, rapini and brown butter.

          2. Point Brugge and Pino's (both in Point Breeze) have very nice casual brunches. Pino's is BYOB and Point Brugge has a prix fixe option.