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Aug 24, 2007 06:30 PM

Steven Brown - Harry's - what do you think?

I made it over there the other night, really really in the mood for a great burger. Normally I would head immediately to Vincent-A Restaurant for this craving, but honestly, I idolize Steven Brown and the idea of getting to have a SB Burger was very exciting.

But Harry's? Come on! I appreciate the fact that this talented man needs a paycheck, but it is obviously a bad fit.

The burgers were fantastic. I got to try 4. I can't honestly say there were profound flavor differences....but each and every one was delicios...great bun, excellent quality meat, temperatures spot on, no shyness with the onions. Yummy. The fries could be better, but i feel that way with very few exceptions about just about evey place in town.

Anybody else been there?

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  1. Loved the creamed corn.

    1. I thought the burgers were unexceptional. Once mine was overcooked to well-done (requested medium rare), the other time it was cooked correctly. The meat seemed to be of good quality but tasted unseasoned. I've had much better burgers at Bulldog NE and Town Talk, among other places.

      1. We've been a few times. I was really happy with my Frenchie Burger. The "Philly Cheesteak" daily special was awesome. Nothing like a traditional Philly Cheesteak, but a fantastic interpretation. TCL absolutely loved the Tomato salad as well.

        Misses have included the artichoke dip, which was way too greasy, and the asparagus, which really didn't do much for us. Service has also been remarkably slow.

        Overall, we really like the place - very good food, reasonable prices, and a nice patio.

        1. Let me begin by saying I am a Steven Brown Fan. Loved the food at Rockstar, enjoyed it at Levain, and had every confidence I was going to be in love with Harry's as it combined Steven's taste with American comfort. I totally set myself up.

          The House Manhattan was spot on. I would have preferred it in a lowball, but that's me. Martini glasses make me feel like I'm drinking out of a saucer on a stick.

          We shared 3 of each preparation of the wings, which were a whole wing from what seemed like an adult chicken, which I appreciated. However, trying to wrench back the joints to tear the wing into managable consumable sizes was near impossible and caused a mess. Trying to eat them without tearing them apart was either fruitless with a fork and knife or messier than the tearing attempts. Years of wing research led rib/wing joints to the standard wing configurations of wing and drumstick (I know, it's not a wing), I now know why. We only ate one eat for fear of making more of a mess and took the rest home. Good flavor though, and the sauce for the Asian-insired wings had a taste I could not place, but that was quite yummy.

          We also shared the artichoke dip, which we must have misread on the menu as we thought we were ordering fried artichokes. It was typical artichoke ramekin as far as we could tell. If anything, it was greasier than most and as boring as the rest, though the 2 little fried baby artichokes on top were good.

          She had the meatloaf special which she pronounced "unspecial". The mushrooms were very good and I thought the potatoes were good with the gravy, however all-tolled my wife thought she'd had better.

          I had the pot roast as I wanted to see how Steven's stood up to Phillip Becht's. I definitely liked the sear on the outside of the meat (much better than Modern's which is limp) and the microdiced carrot and celery were a nice touch. The meat was tender and delicious, though I did get a pure-fat piece, which is to be expected (though is something I have been lucky enough to avoid at Lurcat and Modern). The potatoes were creamy and tasty and the sauce/jus was salty and good. The horseraddish was weak. Not sure how that happened but there was a ton on top of the sour cream, but it just had no kick. In the end, I thought it was very good; though I would still put Modern's and Lurcat's just above it. Needs more carrots and celery IMO.

          All-in-all not a bad meal, but it just kept me wanting more...I don't know, forwardness. I expected something out of the ordinary, and I got ordinary. Very well prepared ordinary, but ordinary nonetheless. Next time, it will be all burger.

          1. Harry's Food & Cocktails got some attention on the Midwest board when it first opened. Here's the thread where that took place: