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Aug 24, 2007 06:16 PM

Taiwanese Restaurant Recommendation in Rowland Hts Area

I am going to LA (from NY) for Labor Day weekend. I am interested in trying some Taiwanese restaurants in Rowland Hts area. Do you guys have any recommendation?

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  1. SinBaLa
    18489 Colima Rd
    Rowland Heights
    (626) 581-9885

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        While I was visiting LA last weekend, I went to SinBaLa and tried the Sausage with Rice Plate. It was really good. I liked the sausage and also the tomato/tofu/egg side dish too. The only thing I didn't like was the broccoli side dish but I just don't like broccoli at all... not SinBaLa's fault! I also got a "Brown Sugar Shaved Ice with 5 Topping" (bubble pearls, taro balls, aiyu jello, grass jello and something else) it was one of the best (and biggest!) shaved ice I have ever had in the US. I want to try their noodle dishes next time I go. Thanks for your suggestion!

        1. re: bearmi

          Glad you liked it.

          For noodle dishes, the beef noodle is good and so is the cold sesame noodle.

        1. Thank you guys! I will try them out!

            1. re: yoyo

              Is Supreme Dragon Taiwanse? I admit I haven't been for years, but it was always more of a noodle place to me.

              1. re: Pei

                Pei. I think Supreme Dragon (Yi Tiao Long) serves Northern Chinese Cuisine but there is a Supreme Dragon restaurant in downtown Taipei (on Er Mei Street in Ximen Shopping District)... actually I think it's right next door to the original Ah Chung Intestine Noodle shop! (You wanna hear some gossip? I heard Ah Chung got a stroke a few years ago after getting threatened by gangsters in Taipei because his intestine noodle shop was making good money. He has been paralyzed since then.. poor guy:( ) I am not sure if the Supreme Dragon restaurant in Rowland Hts is related to the one in Taipei, though.

                By the way, thanks for your recommendation on Four Seas. The salty soy milk was excellent.... so was the sesame bread stuffed with pork and mustard greens... Glad I ate my breakfast there rather than getting a $20 omelette for roomservice from my hotel!

                1. re: bearmi

                  YAY! Knowing you went and liked it makes me so happy. People on this board don't get out to Rowland as much as to Monterey Park/San Gabriel so I feel like I'm always shouting about Four Sea alone. :)

                  And wow, that's some gossip! And yes, my impression of Supreme Dragon in Rowland is that it's more northern than Taiwanese.

                  1. re: bearmi

                    The Taipei and Rowland Heights stores are not the same Supreme Dragon (Yi Tiao Long)..... but thanks for the gossip, bearmi!
                    I would agree that Supreme Dragon is more northern... though also enjoyed by Taiwanese. :P

                    I know your trip is already over, but here's a suggestion for others and future trips:

                    Class 302 - in the 99 Ranch plaza off the Nogales exit from the 60 fwy (Nogales and Gale)
                    Taiwanese school theme
                    Taiwanese snacks and dishes... lunchboxes... amazing shaved ice (the kind w/shaved milk ice, where the ice is actually infused w/milk before shaving)

                    1. re: gsmoose

                      Thank you! I will look into it next time I am in LA. I will probably go again in a few months. Wish I can find a job in LA then I can try all these places every day plus going to the beach all the time :)