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Aug 24, 2007 06:11 PM

Lobster in Manhatten

HI all...I'm a chef from Seattle who's visiting Manhatten in early September....I don't eat lobster out here.....too long from native habitat to restaurant plate. Where would you suggest is the best restaurant for it while in Manhattan?

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  1. If you'd like lobster roll, Pearl Oyster Bar is good.

    1. The Palm has good lobster, Francisco's has lobster's up to 30lbs its spanish food but they sell more lobster's than anything else it's not gourmet by any means but the biggest lobster's ive ever seen. ,,, Dock's is good for lobster there's 2 of them one in east 40s and one on upper westside. If you want real gourmet and not just lobster Le Bernadin is pretty amazing,,,,Filli Ponte's has the Angry Lobster it's like lobster fra diavlo

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        hi..THANKS for your input. How about The Palm? I do love lobster Fra Diavolo but want the simple, plain perfection of steamed Lobster when I'm on the East Coast.
        What is it about the lobster at Le Bernardin? Seriously, Lobster up to 30 lbs. at Francisco/s?...I remember Dock's from living on 92nd & Broadway about 19 yrs. ago.....

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          Hey there,
          Just had an amazing lobster at Tides on the lower east side. The food there is really great but the place is small so definitely call ahead. They can do lobster boiled, chilled, or grilled. Enjoy.

      2. My favorite so far has been part of Morimotos tasting menu.

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          It is good at Mormimoto's but the OP wants simple and steamed. I think Morimoto might be too complicated. But it is good!