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Aug 24, 2007 06:04 PM

Soho Manhattan restaurant advice

Hi this is my second post about my first trip to manhattan around xmas time. Im staying at the hilton at 55 church street and need some serious help with picking out a few restaurant. The type of restaurant im looking for is american food, if possible like southern, tex mex sort of places. No sushi,chinese, or french, lots of that here in toronto. I had lots of suggestions in my earlier post just nothing that close to my hotel. Thanks so much people.

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  1. Tribeca is closer to your hotel than Soho. Wolfgang's on greenwich st. has possibly the best steak in manhattan real american porter house , Upstairs at Boulez is small place with great scallops 9sounds french but it's not),,,,,Accapella good italian, Tribeca Grill good standby, Walker's is a simple bar with a mixed menu of american favoites, tex mex, burgers, lots of stuff ,,,South's on Church St. good catfish cakes and other things ,,very casual,,,,,,,need to go uptown for bbq ,,or 23 rd street to RUB ,,,,,,, and as american as you can get not too far is katz's deli on lower east side (i'm obsessed),,,

      1. upstairs at bouley is hella...seriously...but its also a good place to have some great food for much less than you'd spend at bouley proper next door.

        walkers on north moore and varick is an old school nyc bar with great bar food...great bartenders and a great place for a casual bite to eat.

        bread tribeca on church and leonard (or a block or two away) is surprisingly a great place for italian food. not very authentic but great entrees at reasonable prices. nice nyc crowd.

        bubbys for american comfort food is a good option for lunch or dinner...nothing mindblowing but a good time and still a place to spot a celebrity.

        landmarc is also nearby on west broadway...very popular in the neighborhood for classic american food. loud and busy but fun.

        fresh for seafood on thomas off west broadway has by far my favorite and freshest seafood in nyc. very accomodating and friendly.

        the key is...go north. there's really nothing worth eating south of your hotel. church, west broadway, and hudson are all good dining strips about 10 blocks north of you.

        1. If you are going to go to SoHo, I would suggest Lure Fishbar, Bar 89 and Mercer Kitchen.