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Aug 24, 2007 05:52 PM

Does anyone know of a sports bar in Providence i am starting college there in less that a week..?

Im in need of a sports bar to watch my favorite football team play once september comes...i will be right in the heart of providence, at johnson and wales university...anyone know of a place?

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  1. Probably McFadden's----a large sports pub w/food and I think pool tables. Formerly Challenges, for youse who went to college a few years back, something else unmemorable in between.

    It's on the corner of Pine and...something. Are you going to J&W? You could ask anyone there and they'd know. It's one street down from Dorrance---from the big J&W area on Weybosset, just turn right at the light of Weybosset/Dorrance, turn left on Pine and it's a block or so up----across from 10 Steak & Sushi.

    You'll have many large screens on which to watch the Patriots ;)

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      I second McFadden's for you. Providence is a good sports town. You'll surely have fun watching the Patriots...and the Red Sox if you are into baseball.

      1. re: mvi

        In a way, Providence is even more rabid for Boston sports than Boston itself...

        Does anyone know of any bars in the area that carry feeds of games going on in other cities (like from a DirectTV total access package)? I'm a NY Jets fan (no angry responses, please, I don't want to turn this into a sports thread) and I'd love to find a place to watch the games.

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          Since we are going into NY territory. Any bars that show yankees games? I know there is actually a sizeable community of yankees fans in ny because of transplants and I believe a lot of latinos are yankee fans (Dominicans in particular maybe?). I saw a yankees banner in a mexican restaurant in central falls that had a TV but Im not sure they showed yankees game because it didnt seem like they had direct tv or anything.

    2. you might try murphys as well- i believe they have screens and such in their new location (downtown).

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        I would try Blake's... it is pretty inexpensive and there are a LOT of televisions around the bar.