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Aug 24, 2007 05:36 PM

Quick...need a romantic Danforth resto

First date tomorrow night....I suggested the Rectory and drinks at Manulife Centre 51st floor. The other party has indicated that something on the Danforth would be preferred. I have done pretty much everything between Pape and Broadview. Does anyone know of a nice, quiet (pretty difficult on a Saturday night) romantic place with good food and not too spendy ( $120 for two max)? I know I can always depend on my chowhound family.

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    1. Maybe the Ouzeri? The food is good, and it's a nice atmosphere. I'm not sure if it would be quiet, though.

      I like the food at Mezes better, but it usually is pretty noisy. My last 2 meals at Avli have been disappointing, but it probably would be a little quieter than the Ouzeri.

      1. You gotta try the Globe Bistro. (Near Broadview) It might blow your budget a bit... but not by much. Depends how much you drink. The chef there used to be at Far Niente... so you know the food is top notch.

        You can save a few bucks if you skip dessert... for that, you can take a nice stroll down to Athens Bakery (if you're in the mood for something soaked in honey) or head to Demetre's for ice cream.

        1. Relish further east? I like Jean's Vegetarian as the food is mind blowing but I don't know if it fits your cosy requirement (assuming that it is your first date).

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            I can't think of anything on the Danforth that matches your requirements of quiet, romantic and reasonably priced. For sure not Pan - it's not quiet by any stretch and hardly romantic but I agree in that it is reasonably priced. Last time we were there they had a belly dancer and it was VERY loud. My suggestion would be Globe, but again not that quiet and it is pricey! How about Trappezi?? I've never been, but it looks quiet and I've read the menu board - seems reasonably priced. Don't know anybody that has been in fact, so maybe not a good sign.

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              I've been, during Winterlicious. Food was surprisingly very good.

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                Trapezzi is pretty good. I like their gnocchi and salads.

                I wouldn't describe it as a quiet place, but it certainly isn't loud when they are serving dinner. It becomes more of a lounge, with a DJ, around 10 pm, so you might notice the music getting a little louder as the night progresses.

                It would be a nice place for a first date.

            2. Lolita's Lust might fit the bill. It has some out of the way tables. I haven't been for awhile, but my memories of the food was that it was good and reasonably priced. It's sort of dark in more romantic than the Greek spots. Other CHers might have a more up to date review, but I do recal that they do a great clamari appetizer.

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              1. re: dinin and dishin

                IMO Lolita's Lust is not a good choice. Many years ago it was one, if not, the best on the Danforth. They used to do a fantastic chicken liver dish. Last time we went, which would be probably about 4 years ago, it was pretty bad. Would not recommend it.

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                  Perhaps someone who has recently visited Lolita's Lust could comment on their experience. A passage of 4 years may not reflect it's current standards. I am also quite curious to try it myself having just spotted it.

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                    ..I forgot about that place, it used to be great, top of my list...I haven't heard a positive comparative review of it since the switch...

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                      4 years ago!!! Thanks for the info.

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                        thanks for the update on LL. It could have been as long as 4 years ago that I was there. I didn't know about the "switch," but that sort of thing seems to be the death knell for most good restaurants.