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Aug 24, 2007 05:34 PM

Gulashzuppe and German camembert

I lived in Munich for about 8 months, 47 years ago. I found several German food items that I liked, but my two favorites were cheapies that you could get in any Bavarian Gasthaus:

1) Gulashzuppe -- obviously related to Hungarian Goulash, but a very different animal: a spicy, meaty red/brown soup that was a bit like chili. VERY flavorful, and would warm you up on a cold night.

2) German camembert -- quite different from the real French thing. Rubbery, less inclination to ripen, and a delicious flavor of its own.

I could get a bowl of zuppe, a wrapped Camembert, and a couple of semmels for about a buck. I found it all delicious and filling.

I was back in Southern Germany about 10 years ago and found similar Gulashzuppe (just as I remembered it) but I have never seen it, or a comparable Camembert, anywhere in the US. Can anyone suggest where to find these items?

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  1. Gulashzuppe (*):
    Red Lion Tavern - Silverlake - Goulash Soup (nice & spicy).

    Old Vienna - Ventura - Gulaschsuppe

    Jagerhaus - Anaheim - Gulash Soup

    The above restaurants might have it? Not listed on their on-line menu.

    Any number of German Deli's would be your logical first quest location (they even might make some zuppe too?). Here's one to call:

    Alpine Village - Torrance

    (*) I must have had the Goulsh Soup 50 times at Knoll's Black Forest, closed, so I have an idea what your talking about; however, theirs probably had a tinner broth than what you described. I haven't tried the Goulash soup at any of the above 3 locations. Red Lion Tavern lists theris as spicy, the other 2 might be spicy as well? Call & ask.

    1. For the cheese:

      Try Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City.

      Or Whole Foods

      Or another good import cheese store.

      or order online from these people:

      OR Try:
      14423 Sherman Way
      Van Nuys, CA 91405

      Or one of the people featured on this page:

      The soup, I dunno. JBC has the best options.

      1. While searching for the address of Mattern Sausage in Orange that my family swears by, I came across this link for German delis/bakeries, etc.. in LA and OC: