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Aug 24, 2007 05:05 PM

BBQ Unlimited -- What's Good?

I see that they have locations in North Hollywood and Hollywood. Their online menu is quite extensive and looks like SGV menus. Can anyone suggest something good? How is their jook, and their dim sum?


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  1. i've only been to the noho one (just 2 days ago actually). they don't have dim sum there per se- just siu mai, char siu bao and a chicken and mushroom bao. the bao are pretty good. the siu mai is just ok but we still get it.

    their chinese dishes i think are pretty decent, i.e. almost as good as sam woo (i like sam woo). last time i got the beef w/ oyster sauce (good), steamed fish fillet (pretty fresh), seafood hot and sour soup (not so good), yang chow fried rice (decent).