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Aug 24, 2007 05:00 PM

Good restaurants by Avery Ranch (far NW)?

I don't actually live in this Great Northwest Development, but am much closer to it than downtown (plus the traffic's a sight better). Can anyone recommend good restaurants in this stretch of the (ex) woods, say, Parmer/McNeil to Avery Ranch Land? For example, those signs I see for the Sunset Grill at the A. Ranch Golf Club -- is this place open to the unwashed public? And what about the Hunan Ranch restaurant? (Of course it's in a strip mall -- everything is in a strip mall out there.)

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  1. There are a couple of places at Parmer and McNeil that you might want to investigate. One is Curra's Long Bar and Grill, and the other is Woodrows

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      Thanks for the tips. (The Parmer/McNeil crossing is actually much closer to where I live than A. Ranch.) I've been to "Curra's Long-Bar" a couple of times (always for takeout only) and thought the food much better than Claudia Alarcon's review in the Chronicle last June would suggest, although the atmosphere is much different -- postmodern, rather cold -- than the branch on Burnet (I've never been to their South outlet on Oltorf). It's hard to go wrong with anything from Curra's brunch menu. As for Woodrow's, it's a fine place to hang out and have a beer; I don't know if their food is any good or, indeed, if they serve food at all.

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        If you live close to Parmer/McNeil then the much vaunted Asia Cafe (in the back of Asia Market) is not far away at McNeil/183 (though it is on the other side of 183 so is called Spicewood Springs).

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          Ha. Sounds like we live right in the same area. I just moved into the Milwood neighborhood a couple of weeks ago.

          Woodrows is a great place for a beer. Their little sidekick restaurant right next door - Woody's - serves food that you can actually order from the bar and they'll bring it to your table. I've had the pizza and wings a few times and frankly it's all pretty nasty. Now when I'm there with a group ordering food, I tack on an order of fried pickles to the order and I'm all set.

          Have you tried Brooklyn Heights pizzeria yet?

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            Is it safe to return to Curra's? We really wanted to make this restaurant our neighborhood Tex-Mex joint, but the service drove us away. Too many wrong orders and languishing alone at the table did not make up for the excellent margaritas and chips and hot sauce (I was so-so on the food).

            1. re: Hsien_Ko

              As a refugee from South Austin, I giggled like a schoolgirl when I saw Curra's would be coming to Parmer/McNeil, since it's within walking distance, so we went opening week. Service was awful, but I figured they just opened, no big deal. I've been back several times, but the only time I've ever had good service is during Sunday brunch. Weekday and weekend evenings are the worst. I just get it to go and cry a little inside.

              I miss Oltorf.

          2. re: judiftx1

            I don't think Woodrow's serves food, do they?

            1. re: amykragan

              Through Woody's Pizza and Wings next door they do. I also recommend Z-Tejas on Parmer and Avery Ranch. Bush's Chicken on 620 and Teji Indian food next to Round Rock High School on 620. I find it to be the most authentic for indian food in Austin. And spicy is really spicy.

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