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Aug 24, 2007 04:26 PM

Needed: an amazing recommendation around Randolph, NJ

Sunday, I'm going out for lunch with my mother in law, who lives near Randolph, NJ.

It's my pick (a birthday dinner), and I'm always on the lookout for either

1) Rare, authentic ethnic cuisine or
2) Just really good vegetarian/vegan food

I'm a regular in NYC Chinatown, little Korea, Russian Brooklyn, etc ...and the last thing I want is a plain ole' restaurant. (When in NJ, we usually end up at Long Valley Brewpub, which is nice...but just not what I'm looking for now.) Anyone have any great ideas?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

--Janet (GG)

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  1. Janet, you might try posting this on the Mid-Atlantic board too. There are more NJ people there. When you say "near" Randolph, what do you mean? Closer to Morristown or closer to Chester?

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      I guess either would be good - we do have a car...she lives in Randolph specifically, and we're mobile...

    2. Cafe Metro in Denville (the 'downtown' Denville, near Rts. 53 and 80) might be a good choice; not fancy, but it's a nice spot with a focus on healthy food- and definitely vegetarian-friendly! Then again, it might not be enough to qualify for a birthday meal. Check it out at
      And of course, after a healthy meal, walk 1.5 blocks over to Denville Dairy on Main Street, and eat ice cream! :-)

      1. Forgot about Cafe Metro - good choice. Just to let you know, though, it's BYO. In Morristown there are two decent Thai restaurants: Origin on South St. and Andaman Sea near the train station. I've been impressed with Andaman Seas offerings. Very flavorful. I've never been for lunch and have heard that it's not as good as at dinner, but Pamir is an Afghani restaurant that I like too. There are a fair amount of vegetarian dishes on the menu. All above are BYO.

        1. I'm an ex-New Yorker and my new favorite place in this area is Saigon House. The food is absolutely fantastic and it's so fresh and clean. I dream about their Sesame Clams appetizer and all their other dishes are superb! I'm always in amazement that as you drive down Route 10 that all these chain restaurants are packed but there are so many hidden gems along the way.

          I also recommend Andaman Sea and if you stick to their regular menu and even more specifically their seafood dishes you will not be disappointed!

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          1. re: Tasi

            Dear Tasi, BroP and Curlz,

            Thanks! As luck would have it, the dinner has been postponed, so I have more time to choose the location. So far, Andaman, Saigon and Pamir all sound good (though Pamir has gotten mixed reviews across the web.) Thanks for the input (and let me know if you think of any other locale to add to the list!)

            1. re: gaijingirl

              As it happens, I live in Randolph. Margot, a small place in town, does a lovely job with fusion cuisine. Bosphorus, on Route 53 in Denville,serves excellent Turkish cuisine, with large portions and very reasonable prices. American Grill, in Randolph, is reliably creative but not exactly ethnic. Hunan Noodle House, in Parsippany on Route 46, is a very Chinatown-style Hunan restaurant. Not much ambience, but many unusual and atypical authentic Chinese dishes.

          2. Some other ethnic options in the area:

            Veggie Heaven, Parsippany: An all-vegan Chinese restaurant, with a large variety of imitation meat dishes, including chicken, beef, shrimp, lamb, fish, etc. A casual dining environment with excellent service. A great place for vegetarian food, moderately priced.

            Chand Palace, Parsippany: An all-vegetarian Indian restaurant, with really excellent food. Try their dosas! Casual dining and prices are moderate.

            Reservoir Tavern, Boonton: Not strictly a vegetarian place, but simply the best pizza in north Jersey. Very casual place that's usually packed, so expect to wait a while at peak dining times since they don't take reservations. Has a good bar for a waiting area.