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Aug 24, 2007 04:21 PM

ISO bakery west/southwest of denver

I'm looking for two things in particular...

one a good croissant and/or cinnamon roll (this is a perpetual search, and not overly important at the moment... but figured if I was asking about bakeries... I'd go ahead and slip this one in.

two, more importantly a good cake. poppyseed with lemon & raspberry filling. the cake itself needs to be on the lighter side, not the dense, pound-cakey type of poppyseed. with either whipped cream or buttercream frosting. its almost my anniversary and I wanted to order a "copy" of our wedding cake to celebrate.

thanks in advance.


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  1. If you'll settle for NW of Denver, you might call the Rheinlander Bakery in Old Town Arvada and see what they can do for you. Last time I checked, Ed Dimmer, a second generation in that location, and his wife were still running it. Cakes are/were their specialty, and they are very customer-oriented.

    When the bakery at 1268 South Sheridan was the Paris Bakery, it made the best croissants in Denver (IMHO). It's changed names (Red Elk Bakery) and owners, and I don't know anything about their croissants now -- but it might be worth trying if you're around there. I'm not enamored of cinnamon rolls, so can't help there.

    1. I haven't found a GREAT croissant, but have found some that I enjoy quite a bit at Trompeau bakery on Evans near DU (which is across the street from Kaladi Coffee which I will put up against any bean in this or any town!).

      Also, haven't tried but John Dorkndorff (sic) appears to like:

      Katherine's bakery makes GREAT french pastry and cakes but I have yet to try a croissant there so don't have an opinon yet....

      omg.. they just said Almond Croissants... now I'm hungry...

      1. You can always call Das Meyer Pastry Chalet ( and see what they can do for you. They are located in Arvada which might be close to your area. I have had their cakes at many weddings and they are always very very good. And I know for a fact that they make an OUTSTANDING coffee cake (we get it every year in the fall and sometimes when we go to Zaidy's), I would imagine their cinnamon rolls would be delicious if they make them.

        Child's Pastry ( but they are located in South East Denver off of Yale and Monaco and definately not in the area you have asked about, but worth a try!

        I am near both of the bakeries listed below and sadly haven't been to any of them but might stop at Katherine's on my way into work tomorrow since it is very very close to my office.

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          I am going to add the following regarding Das Meyer and cinnamon rolls:

          I just came back from a co-workers desk who happened to bring in cinnamon rolls from Das Meyer this morning. It was a sweet yeast dough layered with cinnamon and sugar with a crust above and below of the same sugar. The rolls themselves are about 2 inches in diameter. She had them in a bag, which is the way they are packaged, so if you go and look for them that is how they are sold, not in a case or boxed. There is no icing. I was told to warm the roll up but I really don't like to heat yeast rolls up in the microwave because I find that they just get hot and chewy and that isn't what I was looking for. The dough in the roll was wonderful, just sweet enough but the amount of cinnamon sugar that they pack in and on and around these things was a touch on the over bearing side, there wasn't a strong sense of cinnamon either, just sweet. Nothing that can't be brushed off.

          Also if you are looking for a good cinnamon roll and I can't believe that I just remembered this and didn't earlier, forgive me.... there is a place in Southeast Denver, off of Hampden and Happy Canyon Road in a Safeway Parking lot called Duffys.

          Here is a link:

          They are a layered almost croissantlike rolls with sweet flavored frostings or sugars. They have two sizes and I can vouche that the mini rolls are enough for about two bites and perfect to try a couple of different flavors. Any more and you may go into sweet overload.

          They have indoor seating and they are quite busy in the mornings on the weekends. They do deliver in the metro area and ship frozen.