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Aug 24, 2007 04:00 PM

Thai in the Valley

Has anyone tried this place? If so, any thoughts?

Lum-Ka-Naad, 8920 Reseda, Northridge

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  1. Nope, have not tried. Have you? Any good? My favorite Thai in the Valley is located in North Hollywood across from Los Angeles Valley College. It's called Grandma's Thai and I do believe deeply in my heart that they have the best Spicy Beef Salad. Nothing else compares. Their Tom Ka Kai soup does use much too much coconut milk for my taste so I usually get the Tom Yum Kai which is excellent. Their Pad Thai and Pa-nang are really good too. I always order the appetizer stuffed jalapenos which are delicious in the dipping sauce they provide. Yum yum!

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      I haven't tried it yet but I plan to and I was hoping someone who has been would have menu recommendations. Thanks for the tip about Grandma's Thai. I'm adding it to my list.

    2. yes had lum ka naad a few times. their pad kee mow was decent. tried a fish dish and it was awful. just not fresh. also tried 1-2 other things and was underwhelmed. if you are getting plain staple dishes and it's close by i would think it's pretty good. i wouldn't get anything super complicated or fancy though. further south on reseda blvd is top thai, which has a lot of unique northern thai dishes.

      1. Yes! I have been to Lum Ka Naad three times and each time it gets better and better. Everything was as fresh as it could be. Authentic Northern and Southern Thai cusine. Over a hundred dishes...something for everybody. Ask for their "Thai Menu". Standard menu is posted on their website.

        1. I finally got out there this week. I had three different kinds of curries: vegetable, shrimp and pork -they were all great and uniquely different from one another. I also had the complex and delicious rice salad. The menu is extensive and really interesting. It will take many visits to fully explore. I was happy to see the write-up in the Times today.

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            Gotta try Lanathai on Van Nuys blvd just north of ventura. They have the best pork egg rolls!

          2. I have been to Lum Ka Naad countless times now. The food is always excellent, the variety of dishes impressive. Admit it, you've always wanted to try Chicken Feet Salad, did you not? Don't worry, in addition to choices for the more advanced palate, you will always find the familiar dishes that you came to love: Pad Thai, Curries, Tom Yum soup etc. etc. The presentation is authentic, the flavours amazing and sophisticated, never boring. I have never been disappointed there and I bet you won't be either.