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Aug 24, 2007 03:53 PM

Jack in the Box Tacos (new recipe?)

I just had their 2 regular tacos for 99 cents and it seems the beef inside is much more ground-beef-like and less pasty compared to before. I remember they use to be meat paste and now they actually have the consistency of ground beef. Surprisingly I think I like the paste better...

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  1. I hope they didn't mess with the taco too much, I love those things! I'll have to run out tonight to get some.

    1. I had the tacos last weekend and they tasted the same to me - that addicting paste-like filling was still there.

      1. One of my guilty pleasures. Though they are owned my Purina. Maybe that's why I purred everytime I ate one. There's one down the block I'll give it a try and report back

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          ralston purina sold jack in the box in 1985. i miss those tacos, as jack in the box abandoned the northeast some years back.

        2. I had them too and I didn't detect a difference. Pasty as always, just how I like it!

          1. I ran to JITB today to get a blackberry shake for my mom's caregiver who just had her wisdom teeth pulled and had to succumb to a couple tacos for myself as well. Didn't taste any difference at all. Same oddly delicious filling as always.

            and if you haven't tried that blackberry shake so before the go away for fall! so good!