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Aug 24, 2007 03:43 PM

Salamanca or Valencia, based on food?

I am planning a 7-week trip to Spain, starting October 2, and because of various friends who are joining me for certain legs, I've already decided to go to Madrid-Barcelona-Sevilla (Andalucia in general), and then end up in Bilbao-San Sebastian Basque country. I need to figure out where to go between Andalucia and Basque country, and since the most important thing to me is the food, which would you choose?

Please keep in mind, though, that I'll be traveling solo (30-year-old woman), and that I will be on a budget, and even if I weren't, I'm more interested in eating a delicious, random piece of bread or squid or something I can't even imagine at this point than in eating at a very expensive culinary temple.

Much thanks!

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  1. I'm sure someone with more experience in these areas will be able to answer better than I, but allow me the opportunity.

    Valencia is known (touristically) for paella, but it's also on the coast, which definitely means seafood. Since you're going to Madrid (seafood capital of Spain) and Barcelona, you will likely be full of seafood. And paella is the same everywhere, in my opinion. I don't know about other regional specialties.

    Salamanca is in a very different area, so the food will likely be very different. Never been, though. I liked the foods I have tried that claimed to be from that area.

    If it were me, I'd pick Salamanca for the food. But otherwise, I'd probably pick Valencia.